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Using Inclusion Trances to pull people into hypnotic states

Everyone has environmental cues that can send them into a trance under the right conditions. Inclusion trances utilize the elements of our thinking and perception of the world around us. These trances use elements that to an individual in question become so invisible they are not sure what happened. The reason Mind Controllers (MC) enjoy utilizing inclusion trances is that even if a subject is resistant to a suggestion they will resist it and get back to the important elements of the story. In that moment the MC has a choice to use the renewed focus into another part of that inclusion trance story, or offer reasons examples to make the choice more attractive later on. When using an inclusion trance the experience of the story becomes invisible so any choice a person makes is just part of the experience of the story. When dealing with shaping behavior it is always better to construct the frame in which someone operates before offering them choices. After all, every choice has the potential to lead someone deeper into their inclusion trance story. Do you think you would know if you were in such a trance? If you did would you even know what to do to break out of it?

Many of us seek control and protection from other seeking to use mind control techniques. I'm putting the finishing touches on a book that will teach others how to create these trances. My book is The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers, and it is a system of Mind Control rooted in the Ownership and Possession culture. My audience are those already advanced in mind control. Check back soon to learn more.

If you have something to contribute please use my website to write comments or further the discussion. I will be choosing carefully those messages that come forward. I moderate this site to ensure that trolls, spam, and newbies do not monopolize the conversation.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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