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A bit of Poetry

Sometimes I am attempting to write one thing and my mind is flowing in multiple directions. Rather than fight it I give myself permission to follow the stream on inspiration. Out flowed this poetry and now I can write. Enjoy it.

A bit of everything...

Everything that exists is made of energy.

Energy can be described as vibration and its waveform measured.

Vibrations can be described as a frequency that not everyone is able to detect.

Frequencies can be described in a quantifiable way, through math.

Numbers can be expressed through symbols and associated into an organization of size and shapes.

An organization of size and shapes lends itself to the expression of patterns.

The realization of patterns is the moment of recognized distinction that is happening all around us.

This moment is rooted in more than one level of life.

We are thinking with the energy of the universe.

Recognizing things in the world through the collection of imitations that we have contained within ourselves.

We are universal paradox.

Seeking inside to find something outside of us.

A universal embodiment constantly navigating the mosaic of relationships of creation.


Joseph W Crown

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