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How often do you come across a hyper responsive hypnotic subject?

I have been heading out to public spaces more to interact with people, primarily women, to experience hypnosis. In doing these exercises I feel myself running through many of the same mental game as PUAs practicing their game. My goal is getting into conversations and planting the hook that will allow me to offer the experience of trance and hypnosis. Once you learn to take someone into a hypnotic state it becomes hard to not see it. I'm out there wanting to gather fresh transcripts doing techniques that are both basic and advanced for people to learn. I'm just finishing up the symbol morphology topic.

I had one subject watched me take her friend through through the very same process she wanted to do next. I got a chance to ask her what she thought about this and did a value elicitation before beginning.The best part for me was the friend that went through this experience a moment before gets to now watch her friend go through it. Several times I watched both women close their eyes when told to do so, and both emerged glassy eyed and happy. Out of the ten people that I did this exercise with for these two transcripts this woman responded intensely. To the point where I ensured the focus and energy would always return back to her as she thought of it.

As I write this I'm thinking over the responsiveness of the subject's I've worked with doing this pattern. Out of ten people three woman were amazing to watch. Four of them responded deeply while working with them to increase their sensation, experience, and depth of the state. The three were alright. They were responsive and went through the experience getting the result, and I have come to term these people as slow cookers. They often need to process the experience and only then does the enthusiasm build. Out of the final three I had one subject who wanted to see if she could could fight the sensations. So when I gave instructions for her to relax I noticed her shoulders go up as if tensing. I then tell her that her tension will increase and her body will soften as she begins to do a mental task. I happily only had one out of ten challenging subject and now wonder how valid the suggestibility numbers are for today's population.

I am theorizing that the ability to be hypnotized fluctuates throughout the day similar to I.Q.

I am theorizing that increases in screen time for individuals are positively affecting their ability to be hypnotized.

What do you think? Is having custom tailored information making our social mind more equipped for change and flexible learning or just the opposite? I'm finding that getting people into trance and hypnosis seems to be getting easier. It is all coming down to confident skill and minor setup.

Joseph W Crown

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