Happy World Hypnotism Day

Happy World Hypnotism Day to all! January the 4th is World Hypnotism Day and my hope is it inspires you to go out and trance! World Hypnotism Day doesn’t need you to purchase any gifts, ship cards or even wish each person a glad World Hypnotism Day. Though you might have ore fun if you did. World Hypnotism Day is a celebration of accomplishments in the art of hypnosis and knowledge sharing about all things hypnosis-related. It is a day that MCs, Hypno Doms, Hypno Therapists, and Street Hypnotists can share and celebrate their community. Hypnosis and trance is a exceptional talent that can help human beings to improve diverse aspects of their lives, in addition to being used for fun too!

I’d define hypnosis, (and erotic hypnosis), as focused goal directed, altered state of consciousness that is usually induced by another person, and this state allows us greater access to communicate with the subconscious. The hypnotic state can enhance sexual experiences by eliminating inhibitions, amplifying the senses, and intensifying sexual responses. We can create realistic fantasy experiences from exploration with erotic hypnosis and this often comes paired with a power exchange relationship or experience, but it does not have to. My niche is kinksters after all.

What is erotic to one person may be a turn off to another, so feedback and consistent communication are needed to achieve unrestrained goal directed pleasure, simple tactile sensations, or elaborate role-play scenes like Master/slave, pet play, becoming someone else, and much more. Many people use hypnosis to amplify feelings of sexual arousal, submission, and to develop increased sexual responsiveness to training cues. The nature of exploration with erotic hypnosis often comes paired with a power exchange relationship or experience, but it does not have to. What is erotic to one person may be a turn off to another, so feedback and consistent communication are needed to achieve unrestrained goal directed pleasure. Pleasure is trainable.

World Hypnotism Day started out in 2006 in honor of Dr. Jack Gibson (1909-2005). Dr. Gibson was an Irish hypnotherapist and surgeon, who is widely remembered for his advocacy of hypnosis as an alternative for anesthesia in surgery (used instead of anesthetic drugs) with over 4,000 operations. On this day, many hypnotherapists offer free semi-private hypnosis sessions. They also host webinars and educational presentations about the benefits of hypnotism. Many organizations, including the National Guild of Hypnotists, the Academy of Professional Hypnosis, and National Council for Hypnotherapy, organize special events. World Hypnotism day will help celebrate a practice that has existed for centuries. Below I have selected a few videos for those approaching the topics of hypnosis for the first time and those who want more. Take your time and explore the art and culture of hypnosis and trance today! Don't forget to give your favorite Tists Greetings and salutations on this hypnotic day!

The Science of Hypnosis


"Is Hypnosis Fake?" Hypnotist stuns TEDX crowd


Justin Tranz Hypnotist Las Vegas Stage Hypnosis Show


Sliding Pleasure Response with Brian David Phillips


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