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Hypno 101 Class & The Phases of General and Erotic Hypnosis

I will be hosting a Hypno 101 course in New Orleans on April 23rd from 1 - 3PM. Location will be disclosed to the participants only. This free class will be part of New Orleans Bondage & Leather Enthusiasts (NOBLE) education series. Please reach out to me directly if you are interested in attending as I am looking to share a small group experience.

What you will read next is what comes after mastering the Hypno 101 material. What you have here is more than just an article it is the lesson plan for the event. Please enjoy and check out my book, Instruction of The Hypno Dom: A Master/slave Lifestyle Development Training on Erotic and Authoritarian Hypnosis live on amazon at

There are multiple types of hypnosis and various ways to promote subconscious responses in a subject. When delivering hypnosis sessions it’s important to create a safe and secure environment for your subject in order to maximize the effect of the session. Only when your foundation is solid can you fully realize the experience for your subject. There is no singular hypnosis style. These many different styles, each have their own unique elements that can be used to guide the hypnotic state or simply bring out what is already there. A formal hypnotic process that I use for public and private play generally looks like the outline you will find below.

Negotiation: The subject(s) and I establish boundaries and areas of interest they wish to explore before play. It is worth reinforcing that the subject should not ask for anything they do not wish to encounter or experience. It happens more often than you would think it would. If the subject does not wish to continue on with an experience during a session they can always say "No." That means that the word "no" is a pause to reassess and a stop signal whenever it is spoken by a subject. No matter how deep a subject is this word will pause or stop a session in its tracks. This is a hard boundary for working with new subjects during training sessions or while performing public displays of erotic and conventional hypnosis for those trained by me. For example, there are exceptions such as stage shows or asking the subject questions and answers about their experience, but these are circumstances we will not explore during basic training. Establishing this state will be the first group exercise. Once this pause state is established I will check in with the subject and decide with them if we should continue. This is very important if participating in public scenes with people you've never worked with before.

It's important to be aware of your subject's expectations when working with them, and ensure they're clear at the outset of each session. We are not doing therapy here. You should ask your potential subject about any concerns they may have about being hypnotized so you know if there is anything that would make them unsuitable to work with you. If they do express concerns about anything, you should listen and decide if you should move forward. If you or they have any doubt it’s best to just politely decline their request and find someone else.

Induction: These cautious guidelines are put in place for those just learning and for working with others unfamiliar with hypnosis or during practice sessions. Working with subjects regularly or under different circumstances, they may not be necessary. I will advise you to always use caution. Before beginning your session ask one more time for the subject's consent before. There are various methods to begin hypnosis and this is the phase that which exercises undertaken for social proof are used. Techniques to expect here are eye closure and locking the eyes shut. The balloon and bucket induction exercise is another. This hypnotic phase is about establishing feedback and communication with the subconscious mind as the conscious mind quiets down. This phase transitions into the deepening phase.

Deepening: When the subject enters a hypnotic state, the deepener is a device that is utilized to deepen and direct the trance into desired transition experiences and more advanced stages of hypnosis. During this phase a subject may move through a visualization of being in nature, moving downstairs, or an elevator. Hypnotic command phrases begin to more frequently emerge to relaxation, body sensations, and/or a revival of great memories and wonderful experiences.

Hypnotic instruction and conditioning: This is where the storyline, the rules we set, and the goals we agreed upon help bring the experience to life for our subject. In creative ways the subject takes part in a hypnotic adventure, becoming aware of responding to instructions and commands. The subject responds to suggestions and narratives while taking part in the hypnotic experience and becoming aware of responding to instructions and commands as their pervasive reality.

Conclusion and cleansing: Cleansing or removing influence is sometimes agreed upon and sometimes not depending on the circumstances of the interaction and the style of the hypnotist. For the purposes of establishing your foundational skills, we'll use it. All you need is a statement like the following sentence. "Any commands and influence that is not something you wish to have as part of your life fades away the moment you stand up from your seat." If you're concerned about not remembering the content, or just need a refresher, we've got you covered. Don't worry we will cover it again at the training.

This is something that is often talked about in the negotiation phase and may only be mentioned in the instruction and command phase. Think about how you'd like to present this information as you go through your pretalk and negotiate. In concluding the session you can encourage the best sensations, experiences, and emotions to stay with the person and inspire them to explore life. You may ask your subject during the negotiation phase what they think would be a clear and uplifting message to finish this on a high note and refocus on what comes next. You can use the paragraph below exactly or rewrite it with your subjects criteria as part of it.

"Perfect… coming back now... each time that you go into hypnosis with me, or on your own... you will go deeper… each time, you engage in hypnosis with me, it will happen more quickly and easily than before… now, I want you to feel the weight of your body. One, I want you to feel great, as my voice resonates within you. Two, I want you to notice the sounds around us, as you feel the urge to move and shift your body. Three, you’ll feel wonderful and ready, just like you had a restful sleep. Four, your mind is active and you experience more joy in every moment. Five, your eyes open and your feel wonderful. Refreshed and happy now… Wide awake. How did that feel?”

Aftercare: This is the subject's opportunity to process their experience, ask questions, and share overall how the experience went for them. When we talk about this experience it encourages us to process all the elements we interacted with during the session. Taking the time to listen to the subject helps you improve and often enhances their experience for them. The practice of aftercare is very attractive for a lot of people. It is not standard practice for everyone, and how aftercare happens is not a one size fits all concept. Aftercare simply refers to the time and attention given to partner(s) after an intense sexual and/or hypnotic experience. Aftercare doesn’t need to be overly sentimental, grand, or even creative. Aftercare is meant to be an intentional display of acknowledgment, appreciation, communication, and at times a routine way to pamper one another. This is an activity that you both agree on as this is something that falls under relationship maintenance. For some aftercare is an intense cuddle moment where partners are held tightly and slowly transition back to the world together. Not everyone wants that.

If you'd like to learn more about hypnosis then check out my books and blog from the link below. If you have any further questions or want to participate in the event contact me.

Joseph Crown

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