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Showing off Art received - Contribute and be promoted in the new book

I am excited and happy to be sharing the art here today. Recently, I shared that I was very close to finishing a new Project called, A New Lease on Another Life. The project has a few months left, I'm guessing. I am looking for local artists who would like to feature their art on the cover. If you are selected for the cover, your piece will be commissioned, and if your work is not selected, a few artists will be asked if they would like to have their piece showcased in the book with a link to how people can find your work. I want to share with you all some of my favorites that have come in.

If you would like to learn more about submitting your art to this project, please go to this article to learn more. A Call Out to Artists, Photographers, Painters, and Visual Artists (

Once you go to that article, you will understand why I am not painting or drawing these pieces myself.

The contributors shown here have chosen to be annoyomous and shared their work with the project to be considered for the cover. I hope you enjoy them as I have.

Before you all get lost in this collection of work, consider nominating worthy individuals for the Agent Of Influence Awards. The Agent Of Influence Awards will be bestowed through many kink, lifestyle, and community groups as recognize and celebrate our culture bearers. These awards formally recognize people and organizations whose actions and work impacted you and the culture of our connected lifestyle communities. If you are a Kink, Lifestyle, or Community organization supporting the inclusion of all people, please reach out if you would like to collaborate and utilize the annual awards as a fundraiser for your group. These Awards celebrate the positive work that's happening in the world and recognize leaders, innovators, and changemakers. Please go here to learn more. The 2022 Agent of Influence Awards for the Lifestyle Communities has begun (

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