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Creating Alternate Personas with Inclusion Trances

The Crown Control System walks advanced Mind Controllers and Hypno Doms through the process of scripting alternative personas for a subject. The difference in this system from any other out there is that by the time you finish learning it you will know how to screen, direct, and guide those idle, and toiling slaves around you, into roles that matter for you long term.

What is an inclusion trance?

Inclusion trances are an altered state of consciousness where a subject is disassociated from their surroundings, life events, identity, and associated into a timeline story identity. In that timeline the subject will recognize themselves through identity backstory, goals, and desires. All of this serves the subject by allowing them to demonstrate their personality and take part in a story through interactions in context with both real and hypnotically guided tests, tasks, and experiences.

When you set out to create a warrior magician, sexual toy, or even run through the experiences possible with Harry Potter fan fiction - you'll have a lot of material to choose from. Our most meaningful relationships in life come down to shared interests, time spent together, love, empathy, having fun, and making a life together throughout the many events of our lives. The Crown Order Protocol teaches you how to take stories you love and merge them with trance so that together you'll be creating realities and joint stories with your passion together. As a MC there is a lot of fun having my subject open her eyes in front of me being someone else. I can take her for a walk around town and enjoy sex that feels like I just bedded a new person.

Not everyone can handle this knowledge. This system goes beyond teaching you how to use inclusion trances. This work is designed to assist you in developing your knowledge and style through building goals, storylines, and trances that can be transformed into simple hypnotic states, or full on immersion.

The power of a MC is tempered only by accountability of their life, and authenticity derived from the Tao. Through this work you are being welcomed into a community. You are not alone. Learn through the journey and discover others through following the Tao of the Crown.


I hope I have given you some ideas to perfect your art and inspired you to learn more. I will share a video here that shows both hypnotically induced identity changes and command trance triggers. I enjoyed it and I hope you will too.


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Joseph W Crown

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