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The Constellation Experience

The Constellation Experience is an interactive workshop experience for kinksters that seeks to solve the problem of inconsistent kink education, establishing a sustainable space where those fresh on the scene and those returning can share and plan for a more community driven future together, and establish a standardized event that can connect those plans together across the globe. Through this work, kinksters will learn about this ever-changing, sexually fluid, multi-gender subculture as an empowering resource for individual development, and establish a somewhat uniform interactive experience in which kink and lifestyle develop along with their confidence and knowledge. This work represents a uniform community format that encourages new and returning community members to redesign the social culture and relationships that we all are part of.


The Constellation experience aims to create a tool to educate new and returning members of the kink community about the community, encouraging aspects of character that allow us to establish a meaningful life and capture stories and memories of this historic moment we are part of. Our kink can question many of the lines we draw between sex and other activities such as play, leisure, spirituality, art, relaxation, and what constitutes having a good life. I do not feel like our community culture regularly promotes this topic of discussion as a whole.  There is a ton of material out there for vanilla folk to realize themselves in the mainstream world. This is created for us and should be shared to learn how to build each other up and contribute to designing lives that empower us to live life. These are the conversations that change us and ripples out from us into the world.  


Appy For CE Facilitator & Seeker Status Here

Crown certified CE Facilitators can utilize additional perks like becoming a member of this site, becoming a guest blogger, training new facilitators, ability to add new members here, ability to share contact information, and resource material with other CE members.  

Additional resources are being developed for CE Seekers and CE Facilitators. Some resources will be placed on this page, and others will be shared in members-only areas. 

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