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What's in like to be under Mind Control and other questions.

I'm getting a lot of questions that are seeking to understand the lure of the experience of mind control. Let me begin by saying that every control state is different. Sometimes instructions and commands are indirect, sometimes they are conversationally delivered, other times the trigger for such a state is very direct. That tells you nothing about the state. No different then each person experiences relaxation, agitation, and love differently, mind controlled states depend upon what the MC or Mind Controller is desiring for you to experience. This doesn't even touch on what the subject is capable of experiencing when beginning our interactions.

When I want someone to experience this state under my control I tell them how they may get to feel. I want it to be intoxicating like taking a little risk and downing a shot of excited participation. At the moment of acceptance from my guidance potent molecules surge through the blood of the subject and into their brain. Once there, they set off a cascade of chemical events. A kind of neurological chain reaction that ricochets around their skull and rearranges the interior reality of the mind. The story I move you into next becomes your experience. That is why a good fit between subject and operator is needed. I can make anyone fit in a haunted house, a donkey show, or a million other identities trying to figure out their world. It is in describing the nature of reality and communicating that experience in stories that people originally accepted their own humanness. People still had to learn and understand the humanness of others, and the stories they learn to accept made that easier or more difficult. Being an MC is one of the most important of arts because people live their lives imitating and passing on the stories and expressions we inspire.

Not everyone wants people to have a good experience and sometimes they don't care about them at all. Corporations, Governments, and so many more, don't always have our best interests at heart. All of us have the responsibility of choosing who we make stronger with our energy, attention, our money, and words.

Another question I have received is what makes living as a mind controlled pleb better than any other life?

I believe everyone will answer this question differently. In my perspective any way a person chooses to live in accordance with their community, their world, and themselves is a valid choice. It doesn't matter if you live in the countryside, the burbs, or a packed city. Each of these choices is valid and each one is a different experience. My goal is not to use mind control to use products that can make you unhealthy or less spiritual. I'm not here to trick people into living differently or doing anything that they don't feel is right for them. I'm talking to the people who are already living this way and those that seek too. Like me, some of these people have a relationship dynamic that is Master and slave, Dominant and submissive, or Owner and property. It isn't the terms that I use that gives this life magic power. This life is one that feels right to some people. Those are the community I write for and represent. There is no ultimate expression of life that makes everything else wrong. That can be a scary thought for some people. Immediate perception of a person, way of life, or an identity is not enough for an MC. That is why we seek to educate ourselves and draw close the community that best supports us, and our way of life. My work is about connection to community, establishing relevant and worthy goals, and learning the Crown Control System. I seek to be able to communicate a bridge of knowledge and acceptance under one banner with my work. My work and my passion isn't about pissing matches to claim who is better. If you have a better way to live do so, but your way may not be the path that we walk. I invite everyone to read, listen, think, and not blindly believe, or obey anyone.

When someone reads my work and they write me to explain that they exploded into a zillion thoughts and questions, I feel happy. I've created a landscape of experience and reality so well, that you are contrasting what you know and believe with mine. That inspires me and my humanness.

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