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Halloween is the last day to enter this month's essay contest for a free copy of The Tao of Rela

Don't miss your chance to enter this month's essay contest for a free copy of The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers.

Answer this essay question and the best answer will win an advanced copy of my book MONTHLY | mysite META DATA DATA


Your question is... Before authorization is granted for our Doomstruction device we make all customers submit a lengthy essay describing the intended use and desired functioning of their prospective device. This is how we can sell you only ethically sourced doomstruction for all your individual needs.

Share your answer to this essay by sending it to

You must be 18 or over to take part in this promotion.

You must include in your reply if "I release this submission to you to be used in online and in print." Winning essays will have the chance to have their essay posted, a pen name can be used, and potential use in printed materials. Your name, real or pen name, will be announced as the winner of the month.

Happy Halloween to all!

Joseph W Crown

Seeking Community Voices of Mind Controllers and the subjects that love that control. Find out more about this here

You can find the book live on amazon at Joseph W Crown Join us at the Tao of the Crown Facebook Discussion Group


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