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Training Trances with those who claim to be unhypnotizable

I have received a few questions about how I onboard people into regular hypnosis sessions for fun and conditioning. It seems that many people are worried about working with people who claim to be unhypnotizable. This is a common fear when new hypnotists or MCs are learning their craft. It is a matter of practice to be secure in your skills but also belief.

You are the one leading or your asking permission. If you're using hypnosis YOU MUST BE the hypnotist. You don't ever TRY to hypnotize, you DO IT. If the person you're working with does not go under, it is because they are not following your instructions and commands. This is an art that qualifies people by their participation.

Your subject MUST follow your every command if they want to continue exploring hypnosis with you. If a person says they cannot be hypnotized, you say that everyone can be hypnotized and that you have never met anyone you could not hypnotize. That is unless the person is unable or unwilling to follow directions. Do you have someone who wants to test the strength of their trance? I have seen that and some people want the confirmation that they can't help themselves. It is the thrill of the mental restraint that they are testing for. Nip it in the butt fast and don't apologize for holding the person accountable for their actions and focus. You will give them an opportunity to test, and you should explain that to them. If its a matter of thoughts popping up or the subject can't relax, you have to change you're technique.

Do the best you can to qualify the people you will work with. Use inductions that incorporate proof for the subject. Things like arm levitation, getting their fingers stuck together, forgetting their name, and fractionate the experience for them. This should be trance #1. Trance #2 you can get into more advanced material and give more instructions, commands, and perhaps suggestions. If you're wondering why it is that you hear subjects telling their Tists how relaxing and wonderful trance is - it's because that's what the Tists told the subject. Tell you're subject how good it feels, how good they are getting at attaining this level of trance, and going deeper each time. Tell them how good it should feel when they get the result you are asking for. These are the elements that keeps your subjects wanting more.

What it comes down to is skill comes from practice. Practice with the correct attitude, and lastly make it fun. Fun includes both the subject and the Tist.

Happy mind controlling out there!

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