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Hypnotically installing a question of identity and perspective: "Have I earned worth?"

Wayne's World made famous a phrase that so many people have uttered throughout their lives. "I'm not worthy." The matter of worth and meaning in a person's life is something that can transform a heaven into hell and a hell into heaven. Pardon my Milton here, but he hit the nail on the head with this insight.

For what it’s worth, over the last few months I have shared with you bits and pieces of the process of my book The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers. I've shared how it is possible to create multiple identities that operate independently through life/ story lines. What I'm going to share with you today is why installing identity questions and perspectives can change the quality and experience of a person's life. I've held back sharing some of this material because this is a mind control technique. It has the power to narrow choices, increase awareness on particular directions and instructions, and propel someone to take action. This is not a disclaimer for shock and awe. I promise you that reading this will change your thinking and that alters how you take action in the future. Is that worth you're time here?

Stop for a moment. Think about the word worth. How often do we hear it? How might each of us be comparing and contrasting what we think and do by implied, or imparted worth from others?

The Crown Control System is rooted in the culture of Ownership and Possession. That means the relationship or lifestyle that I partake in is hierarchical. It's important to say this because this foundation sets the context where these interactions happen for me. This lifestyle is more commonly referred to in the media as power exchange, Master slave (M/s), Dominance and submission (D/s), or Owner and possession (O&p). All of these terms have overlapping commonalities and differences that will be expressed slightly differently from relationship to relationship.

For example, I identify as a poly, O&p, head of House. The House here describes the people who serve in relationship to me and it. When I practice my art of mind control these are the people I do it with. The Crown Control System has been designed to used with the operator's relationship style. This is what makes my method of utilizing mind control and hypnosis different then any other method out there. I'm imparting the knowledge to use MC and hypnosis within the operator/MC/user's current relational framework.

Some people just want to learn hypnosis or mind control to pick up people for sex, acquire additional skills for influence, or power. Those skills may or may not come with context to use them within your life or others. My process and method of learning these skills involves taking an active part in the relationships that you are part of. That means by learning with me you will be expected to put in the effort to develop yourself and the connection to others. I do this because this knowledge to me is about accumulating worth. That worth is both for oneself, and for those around you. This worth may also be thought of as relational authority.

Perhaps, you didn't expect to hear those sentiments above from someone who freely admits they enjoy spanking, binding, controlling, and training the behavior of another. If that's the case I'd say you don't have enough MCs in your life. My subjects are toys by consent. What that experience is like depends on what it means, and is worth to them. Here we have again used that word which represents subjective quality of experience and identity, "worth".

"Worth" is a trance word that puts all things in comparison to it. Even the reality of the future by emphasizing behavior and choices in the present moment.

As an Owner, MC, and Master, I come across people that feel they are not worthy. That sentiment may be due to confidence, skill level, ignorance of knowledge, humbleness, or an identity perspective that questions life's assumptions to better themselves. The concept of worth is often presented to us in stories from along time ago, or in the modern day depictions shares the events of what it took to find oneself by doing the right thing. The concept of worth is presented to us everyday, and it's done so contradictory throughout every culture that it is extremely difficult to separate it from subjective values in the moment. The doctrines that use the practice of worth today, tend use it as a way to elevate the doctrine itself. Thus, by following the doctrine the person attains worth through it. The practice of the Tao of the Crown is important to me. It is part of my life, and to me, it's influence and worth should affirm the quality and character of life itself. The Tao of Crown is a banner that we MCs may assemble under. This is our community and tribe. When teaching in this tribe I impart knowledge and skills through investing in the practice of worth. I'll explain this through the experience of being a Master.

A slave or sub comes before you. It doesn't matter who approaches who. It matters if you understand their need and they fit with your energy level, time commitments, and dynamic. To the slave it matters that you are someone who sees through them. You get them. It matters that you have the experience to guide them, and speak to them in a way that connects their private nature to their desired life. Some people enjoy feeling powerless when safe. Some people want to be broken, built back up, and spanked. Some may even come to you saying that they are worthless. I agree with them. Yes, you read that right. I agree with them. This way of life is not for everyone, and nor would we want to take just anyone. That person is there in front of you is ready and willing to tell you what they need, what feedback (including names to be called) is empowering and supportive for the position or identity they wish to assume, and open and ready to discuss limits to their proposed service. The standard hypnotic pre-talk for hypnosis is not going to prepare someone to be an MC and onboard someone to be a one time subject or more in the O&p MC dynamic. This work will not get into the many reasons for that right now.

The story I will tell the subject is about another slave who came to see me just like them. I will say something like this. "You are worthless. You have come here to tell me this. You have come here to tell me that you need more from life and you have not been able to fully express or develop yourself. You are worthless but, I think, not unworthy. I will give you worth. In this worth you will practice using until you know what matters."

In sharing the above text an advanced MC would be able to replicate this opening process. They may even add in other instructions and guidelines. The process is not complete yet. This story begins the installation of worth.

I would like to point out at this juncture that a sense of direction is worth cultivating vis-à-vis the goals and guidelines that is yours and the goal that is theirs. We all come into contact with competing goals, obligations, and values inviting us all to make bad choices. I do like people to do me the honor of thinking before they act or speak. This direction and other guidelines should be taught to the subject through practice and instruction.

Think about the person or people you would want to impart this to. Would such a person be worth all their meals, laundry, and a standing level of attention and investment of time? Do you think using this in setting up your communication and feedback with others would be worth a try?

Learning has to be digested. It is not enough to know a fact. The fact needs to be comprehended in context to existing meaningful relationships in order to have your influence direct and sway thoughts and attention. Again, this is why I seek to teach this material in a relationship model. We are all in relationship to each other and reality. I can teach anyone to hallucinate green eggs and spam, but if that hallucination is not put into a meaningful context it will more then likely be rationalized away. So what statements in trance would you use to install a compelling directive? As you think about what would be meaningful to you, and those you guide, explore what or how the instructions and commands evoke in you.

How about using some of the following instructions and commands below?

Accumulate worth.

I will be making myself of worth.

I must gain worth.

That is worth.

You can easily insert commands in front of these in your delivery and continue the above story with commands. I will do a mix of both of this below so you can get a sense of how to install and create commands that motivate the subject through this perspective identity work. As you read these statements imagine what it would feel like to say them, or have your subject say them to you. Put yourself in their shoes to shape these questions and answers so that all interactions that they will encounter falls into these contexts.

Is this worth the argument? I was nothing. I knew nothing, I understood nothing. I had no understanding. I had no skill. That does not mean that I was bad or broken. I was worthless. He showed me how to gain worth and now I have worth. I must not lie. I must gain worth.

May I be of some worth, sir?

Have I earned worth, sir?

Do I have worth? I am sorry if I have transgressed in any way. I was only seeking worth.

Have I failed to achieve worth, sir?

I am worthy? I am not worthless, I have worth. I was nothing and she gave me worth.

I have completed my task. That is worth

The power of influence that comes with installing this into a subject's mind and attaching it to joint goals is staggering. After reading this what does worth mean to you? To me, the concept of worth means that each of us should leave the world better than when you found it. That concept is something I have found applies universally to doctrine, relationship, and our art. It is our relationships that brings meaning to our thoughts and actions. The Tao of the Crown is learning to recognize the natural feedback communication loops that we are all part of and appropriately transitioning people through a many natural states of being. To learn more about inclusion trances you should read The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers.

Inclusion trances can be a kind of spiritual housekeeping, or an adventure. Sometimes people fool themselves into believing things that aren’t true. Sometimes that can be quite dangerous for the person. They see the world in a wrong way. They won’t let themselves see that what they believe is wrong. But often there is a part of the mind that does know, and the right words can let it out. Well, for the proper working of this reality it is essential that spankings are important to at least one person.

If you have the necessary skill you should know how to construct a worthwhile inclusion trance identity now. Are you worthy? Do you think the world is a better place with you in it? I find that asking if the people you helped wanted to be helped is also a necessary question.

The most common criticism I get in sharing this is from people who are outside of an M/s, D/s, O&p relationship dynamic. The criticism is usually something like the example below.

"You shouldn’t have told him/her that they are worthless."

The person they are talking about may love the name calling from me in certain circumstances, the person may need a hard thudy paddling to cum, and crave being locked in chains. Some how in explaining this there will be certain people who take offense that it sounds like I'm being mean. Be warned, and be aware of surroundings when you say these things. Saying she was worthless because she couldn’t talk properly when she was claimed won't help you.

I like to install this concept of worth as if its something that drains away. Now, everyday you have a person seeking to keep topping it up. Self worth, relational worth, and public communal worth are things that should be built upon. Give the instruction through an identity or by direct command. Use the example below as it fits.

"I am learning that worth is something that must be continuously accumulated. You asked me to be worthy and contribute the best of myself. Have I become worthy?"

It is a wonderful thing to hold accountability for the best of a person. I'd love to hear how your MC art and experiments go using worth.

Joseph W Crown

Seek with your passion, and seek with your spirit. We are all unknowing seekers that brings with us stories that has described the past. To live with mind controllers you must be accepted as their tribe, learn their dance, and never forget that this is but another hat to wear. Subscribers of The Tao of The Crown, will be randomly offered goodies not released to the public. Have you signed up? Have you submitted to the Monthly Essay Contest to win a free copy of The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers. If you missed it you can get more information from the link below. Seeking Community Voices of Mind Controllers and the subjects that love that control. Find out more about this here You can find The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers live on amazon at Joseph W Crown Join us at the Tao of the Crown Facebook Discussion Group

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