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A Question on Conditioning

I recently got an interesting question from a reader that I thought I'd share here.

"You give a lot of different ideas about conditioning someone. I haven't come across a way to think about all these techniques. Do you have a hierarchical structure that an operator should ensure that they hit when conditioning a subject?"

Conditioning a subject with our art is at least half of the work it takes to onboard them successfully into a highly interactive role. Since this question doesn't give specifics I'm going to assume that as an operator, or MC, the results being sought after here is simply from giving instructions and commands.

Since multiple methodologies can be used to condition someone my list will consist of a top level organization that I believe any methodology can fit under. Here is my list.

Permanent Conditioning

This is the foundation of the work you will do with the subject. It will consist of abilities and skill sets, identity work, security conditioning, and triggers. The only new idea to some might be security conditioning. These are the steps that we take to ensure that others do not play with our toys. Security conditioning will also include the answers that a subject may respond with to an interviewer.

The complexity of the conditioning and the subsequent training needed is determined by the interactivity and isolation that the subject serves under. In my book, The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers I repeat several times that having clearly stated long term and short term goals are needed.

Short-Term & Temporary Conditioning

The conditioning you train a subject with here should be approached as a sandbox. Meaning that the sandbox state should have been part of the permanent conditioning. This is the time you will try on and try out roles, skills, identities, history, and tasks. All commands, triggers, and even behavioral responses begin in this state. Not everyone has the same level or quality of skill across the board. Some people will always be better at certain tasks, and everyone improves with practice.

This is where most beginning efforts in mind control and hypnosis happen. This is where we all start with individuals that we have never taken under our wing before.

The magic of our art comes from the work we put into it. Start perfecting yours piece by piece before looking for something more powerful than yourself. When we all started out none of us had no idea how good we would actually be. I hope my answer helps and if someone can improve on my answer please do.



Joseph W Crown

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