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Breaking down behavioral elements to alter aspects of a behavior

During your MC exploits there are moments where you may seek to work indirectly with someone or covertly with you hypnotic influence. Suppose there is a behavior that you do not want to tackle head on. How do you seek to influence that particular behavior?

Interactions can be quantified by four behavioral elements. These elements are latency (How long it takes for a behavior to begin after a specific verbal demand or event has occurred), frequency, duration, and intensity of behavior.

What I am going to suggest doing would be considered unethical to use in every circumstance. How you use this or don't is up to you.

These are the aspects of the behavior that makes up the whole interaction. So if a person has an intense reaction to something these aspects of a behavior can be utilized to weaken the behavior. If a person has a habit of going off by themselves until you are forced to bring them back to responsibility you can work with some of these aspects to change this behavior. You can increase the intensity the feeling of isolation they get while away. You can increase frequency that they feel like they need to do this isolation behavior. You can increase the duration of this isolation behavior. All of this could be done so that this particular behavior does not function to meet their needs any more. You can more easily rework problem behaviors by weakening or strengthening aspects. Imagine how much energy it would take to sustain this isolation behavior if every time there was any challenge a person retreated and felt worse by retreating.

Do you have another way of breaking down behavior so you can manage it?



Joseph W Crown

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