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How exactly is hypnosis affecting us to make changes?

An individual's physiology is the biological foundation of the potential interplay of psychic (inside our mind) interaction with the environment and it's own stimulating thoughts and emotions. The scope of physiological change that a person can demonstrate will be slightly different for each person. In my opinion this biological potential of change is determined by the individual's difference between their Genotype and expressed Phenotype.

A genotype consists of all our potential expressions both biologically and psychologically.

A genotype is the full genetic makeup of a cell or an animal. Genotypes are famously different in individuals so that no two persons carry the same genotype. So even if one locus, or a discrete position on the chromosome, is different between two individuals, those two are considered to have two separate genotypes. The genotype is one of the factors which decide on the external, observable characteristics of a person. Genotype is a determinant in the survival of that person and the reproductive potential. Thus, it is an intricate part in the evolutionary process. But the genotype does not determine all the factors, which are observable. This can be seen in monozygotic twins with the identical genetic makeup, but having different finger prints. Also, all the genetic information does not predict, all the external characteristics of an individual.

Phenotype displays specific potential expressions both biologically and psychologically.

The phenotype is the above mentioned observable characteristics of a person or an organism. These include the morphology, biochemical properties, the physiology and the behavior patterns. The phenotype is dependent on the genotype and the environment with the environmental interactions with the genotype. The ratio of this balancing act is known as the phenotypic plasticity. Thus, greater the plasticity, greater the influence of the environment to affect the phenotype. Also, the concept of genetic canalization is also present. This concept addresses the ability to predict about the genotype based on the phenotype.

There will always be a difference between the behavioral expression of an individual's genotype and phenotype.

The genotype and the phenotype deal with the characteristics of a person to survive and to excel within an environmental context. Some of these behavioral expression are hidden like the genetic information, whilst some are observable like the external characteristics. The genotype is an important component in the characteristics of the phenotype. But the genotype will not display all the characteristics possible within the phenotype. And all information on the genotype cannot be discerned just by studying the phenotype. Those of which corroborate the genotype and the phenotype can be linked in a genotype-phenotype map. The genotypic information can be scientifically mapped, but the phenotype is difficult to map due to the fact that it is an amalgam with other factors. It is between the genotype-phenotype expressional area that hypnosis interacts with the fundamental expression of both mind and body.

In summary, the genotype is what we cannot see, but is the full genetic makeup and expression of a person. The phenotype is the observable effect of the genotype, but not wholly representative of it. The phenotype cannot be completely mapped as it is a dynamic process and will express changes in the phenotype through direct and indirect manipulation from environmental and psychic stimuli. In general we get an idea of how most people will respond to hypnotic phenomena and behavioral manipulation. To know fully how talented or expressive a person may be along a behavioral trait we will have to test.

Now we are entering into the area of behavioral economics, statistics, and cognitive neurology. As of yet Cognitive neuroscience is not standardized enough so that two different authors will have the same conclusions on studies cited. In fact you will find that there are large differences between editions of the same book and different researchers. We are born with the potential that is in our DNA. That is the genotype. Technology like CRISPR is just beginning to edit the genotype, but it is doing it by altering the prokaryotic immune system that confers resistance to foreign genetic elements such as those present within plasmids and phages. This is not something most of us can do at home just yet. At least that we know of. That may change as technology become increasingly part of a neuro interface. Until then hypnosis, in my opinion, stays within the bounds of the genotype-phenotype expressional area.

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