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Working with Hypnotic Regression, Progression, and Association

What I am sharing with you all here today is a first draft on the chapter of Working with Hypnotic Regression, Progression, and Association for my new book. In sharing this I am opening up an invitation for other MCs and Hypnotists to share how you are practicing your art in these areas. Don't hold back share your goals for what you want to explore with your write up/transcript and what the results were if you performed it. You just might be offered the opportunity to have your work showcased in my next book. Enjoy the draft and I hope it inspires you.

Regressions to earlier times in life and having a sense of a past life recall is one of the fascinating areas of unexplained human phenomena. Past lives and reincarnation is a central tenet of all major Indian religions, Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Sikhism. The idea of reincarnation is found in many cultures both ancient and modern, oral traditions and written legends around the world make it evident that reincarnation has been an integral part of global cultural worldviews from the early days of civilization. They document perennial beliefs in the existence of spiritual beings who assume human form and survive death to appear in subsequent lives. More than that they talk of a person becoming the wind, an animal, and even another person entirely. The ideas we share about identity and hypnosis have been talked about as myth, magic, religion, and philosophy since ancient times. Much of the field of psychology utilizes an assumption that the individualised self grows into and adheres with a supposedly fixed identity. Indeed, it is almost regarded as a basic fact that the development of a stable sense of identity is a central process of an individual's development during their lifetime. Does revisiting these experiences and memories from the past change what can be learned and carried away from them?

Every time you access a memory you change it in some subtle way. Our memory and our mind is adaptive. Even the ways you go about changing yourself have to be based on who you are right now. So even if you changed, the change still depended on a routine way of thinking that you uniquely process information and draw conclusions from. When we are relating to others in everyday life we are constantly accessing memories and experiences and the associations of the people surrounding you in that moment of access also affect what elements of those memories and experiences are emphasized and expressed. Without even being in deep trance we are doing this working behind the scenes of the conscious attention. What these memories and experiences begin to affect are our perspectives, skills, and personality. Personality refers to a distinctive set of traits, behavioral styles, and patterns that make up our character or individuality. How we perceive the world, our attitudes, thoughts, and feelings are all part of our personality. When we utilize hypnotic regression and progression we are not doing anything unique. What is difference is the intensity of attention, energy, and exploration that a person may again experience these memories and experiences.

Regression techniques can be used to associate into earlier experiences of your life (age regression), into potential previous existences (past life regression), and within a regression the subject can have their physiological and psychological conscious characteristic expression limited by their associated level of development, identity, physical form, or by command. For example, regressing a subject back to an infant may cause the subject to lose the capacity to express mature speech, consciously they may not fully understand what is said to them, and may take on the same infantile gasping. A subject may even take on a newborn’s sucking reflex without even suggesting or instructing them too. A capacity regression is not limited to age or past life regression. As I said above, regression of form and physical shape can be explored. The subject could experience the life of a frog, a fish, a flying eagle, and even a slow moving mountain. If you could imagine the speed of thought and movement a mountain may have I would guess that you would arrive at a glacier speed. That a rumbling thought may be concluded after an eon or so. It is simply a matter of associating into that mountain and as I described it I’d also wager you were associating into it yourself. Utilizing emotion to associate into an age regression is something that happens in advertisements, conversations, and by rewatching plays, movies, and singing songs. Connecting a present emotion to an emotion in the past and in the future is called an affect bridge. Smile because it gets better from here! Think back to an experience where you were unsure about something, but as you stopping thinking about that uncertainty it got better and better. When you have it read on.

"And your attention goes to the feeling of your socks hugging your leg and the warmth of your shoes upon your feet. You might remember what it was like to have someone sit you down and talk to you as they fit those shoes on your feet. That used to be a whole event getting dressed. So you could notice the feel of your pants touching your legs, and how it felt to be getting ready to get out the house. And now your attention moves to the feeling inside of you that you don't like from the past. This feeling represents somethings that you immediately resist and haven’t really considered. So much has changed since you had to have help getting on your shirt. That has everything to do with why you have come here to see me today. You’re here to learn and have more freedom with the opportunities and choices you have everyday.”

In the transcript above you might have noted the relational hypnotic techniques used. There was a bit of age regression, capacity regression, and the start of age progression as I used the affect bridge technique. Next we can use the feeling that uncertainty that became something better and ask the subject what is the first thing they notice that tells them that things are getting better. Then take the next step out into the future and the next. Don’t stop there. Take the future subject who knows how things got to feeling great and bring them into the past at the moment the subject was unsure. Next have them streamline the process of getting from uncertain to feeling great. Each step shortening the time it took and each step make that feeling better and better all the way back to the future. Start over and have the subject notice that the emotion and the skill of handling the situation is getting better as well. The subject is gaining more control and confidence and that makes them feel great. All of what I have shared works together to create powerful regressions and progressions. As you can see by this example the events do not have to have happened before to have influence.

For example, if I paired a confusion induction with a capacity regression I would seek to gradually disorient the subject with time and place. Ensuring that few things made sense to them until gradually reorienting to what could be water. Then bubbles and breaking free and out of an elastic resistance that tried hard to hold them back. The process is a slow one and the details are jumping from one confusing idea to another until out of the state of confusion I tell them to recognize the intense need for certainty.

The need to have some definite and reassuring feeling of securing so that they can begin to see how this all works. The subject becomes happy to accept definite reassurance and specific commands as they learn that they have become a tadpole. There are many stages of development and learning until they know what it means to become a frog. So much learning will be needed to recognize what it means to be owned by a human. This potential hypnotic adventure is a kind of retelling of the fairy tale of the prince being turned into a frog. Exploring that tale is just scratching the surface of what is possible on this potential hypnotic adventure.

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