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REM and Hypnosis

The deepest hypnotic state that you will naturally be in will be your dream state. Some researchers are looking at the correlation between REM and hypnotic ability. It is an interesting theory and the video that is attached here explores this topic.

The hypnotist also demonstrates an easy compliance test that can be used during an eye fixation induction, and rapid inductions. Many of the rapid inductions are silly and fun. The fascination with stage routines like this is it teaches us how to play and learn hypnosis as an performance art. Performance is meant to convey emotion and engage our attention, emotions, and somehow involve us in what is taking place. It may simply be that you begin to care about the people, you're being stimulated by what you see, and you want to know what is going to happen next. After all we all are taking our stories from the last moment onward with us. We only unpack them when we want t explain and relate to ourselves or others in particular ways.

When you watch this video and see the Master Martial Artists I want you to ask yourself a question. If you could immerse yourself in a hypnotic adventure that allowed you to experience the best that you could imagine today, how good would you want to feel? It's your experience and celebration so why not turn the best parts of you and the emotions all the way up... This is a learning process and the capacity that we can feel and imagine today is only limited by how we have explored the world and ourselves thus far. If nothing else you should see that hypnotic adventures is an adult experience where we can really seek to know what is possible.

The best part about practicing hypnosis is the energy and well being that you will feel. It is a feeling I seek to broadcast through my interactions with others and I like to tell those I trance to pass that feeling on. Being the source of play, and appreciation helps to ensure that we can find others to invite along on new adventures. I hope you get as inspired by this as I did. Please pass this post on.


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