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Dealing with issues of weight

I headed out to Frenchman Street yesterday to do some public trancing and street hypnosis. I had an interesting talk yesterday about how men don't have or don't show insecurity about weight. Then this talk turned into a struggle with her own body image issues. I found it interesting that this woman has linked together being attracted to someone and being very thin. To achieve these ends she engages in bulimic behaviors. At this point my subconscious made me immediately aware of all the unattractive thin people that surrounded us as we drank. I ended up asking her if she has ever really noticed how many unattractive thin people there were are. Then asked her to find the features with me in the room that made people attractive. We spent a delightful ten minutes talking about breasts, shapely asses, smiles, and the look a person would give another. This woman had noticed those things but ended up comparing them to their size only twice.

It was a good distinction to make that she could be attracted to someone who had more weight than her. It all came down to confidence and how they carried themselves, her words. The issue only seemed to come up as she compared herself to the size she ought to be and that always happened as she became attracted. She ended up telling me that was how she knew that she really liked someone. She confessed to seeing a therapist and had been trying to get over this for much of her life. When it came time to leave I wanted to leave her a little better. So when I hugged her I said, "Eat like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself, and behave like you love yourself. That's what makes you attractive..."

I realized as I walked away that those words could be twisted by a unhealthy mind, but I hoped they would resonate. This was an example of a beautiful woman that I would not want to engage in trance with, and I don't do therapy. Not even barroom therapy. This was an example of how a person can link anything to a fundamental human need. It left me wondering about how my peers might have handled this disclosure. I am no longer under the illusion that people disclose information like this because they are ready to be fixed. This just reinforced my resolve that my own beliefs are worth examining and updating before I think I'm stuck in my own rut. I would be interested to hear from the MC community about your thoughts on this.

Take care and be well.

Joseph W Crown

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