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Highlighting Ren J. Buidhe, AKA RedCrescentMoon, An Agent of Influence of 2022

This award has been bestowed on Ren J. Buidhe, AKA RedCrescentMoon, because of your service in educating others on fetish, kink, stigma, inclusion, and the representation of kink and identity expression. RedCrescentMoon is a current council member of NOBLE. RedCrescentMoon has also been an online lifestyle discussion facilitator in Second Life for over three years, covering topics concerning mental health, safety from domestic abuse, and general well-being. Experience in the lifestyle spans over 20 years. They are a writer and visual artist whose interests include advocating for people with disabilities, the BIPOC community, and the 2SLGBTQIAA+ communities. Your work has made kink more intelligent comfortable, and enjoyable by making it less awkward for many to discuss.

You are a role model of someone following their passion and teaching others about sexual health, BDSM, kink, and coaching them to live fuller lives. What you are doing with your work is changing the kink culture and many communities for the better thank you. As the lifestyle communities continue to grow, I am confident with RedCrescentMoon, and those being inspired by them, that they will rise to the occasion and achieve even more innovative goals in the coming years.