Spontaneous Hypnotic Adventure

One of the most frequent question I get is how to use hypnosis and power exchange together. My answer is is usually the same way you do everything else. You'd present the activity in a story and connect the activities you want to present in context. What you will read here worked because I know what I like and asked permission along the way to communicate it. Damion Atropa and I were at a bar in New Orleans. The bar is stylish and self described as bordello-inspired. We are both ertoic hypnotists and today we are prepping for the Erotic Hypnotic Horror Adventure event in NOLA. This event invites twisted tales that play off power exchange, in everyday situations, the supernatural, the unexpected, and nothing is as it seems. Because this is a cheesy horror event nothing has to have a happy ending, but every undesirable hypnotic command ends at the end of the story. All commands that are accepted this day fall away as soon as the subject walks out the door. This time limit allows people to process when everything is done and talk with us about exploring another story similar to the one they heard, kinks involved within the story, or even asking about trying out some of the commands expressed another time. This article depicts a Male led authoritarian hypnotic session that explores power exchange. It is long even in this abridged format and this will be the only warning for those who may have triggers related to BDSM, power exchange, and mind control.

Damion and I are sitting somewhat close to the bar in a large wrap around seat. I'm drinking my whiskey and he is drinking his rootbeer. We are both laughing, moving our hands around describing inductions that lead into the hypnotic stories, and describing effects with back story. Apparently we were making one of the bartenders laugh and when Damion got up to get the next round while I was making some changes in my story. There are two woman at the bar I hear Damion talking to and within 30 seconds I can tell they are attractive. How do I know this? Well Damion is chatting at them and I know his this is an attractive person I'd like to do things to voice. As I'm smiling to myself at all this I hear the heels clop, clop, clop coming from behind me towards the bar. The woman is walking towards her friends and she points at me.

"Are you two writers?" The woman says pointing at me writing in my notebook.

Damion points to me and tells her, “I am and much more. Ask him about him about it and I'll get you a drink."

So, this solid 7 in a polka dot does walk over and asks me. I don't hold back because I'm feeling in the zone. "I am a master mind controller, erotic hypnotist, and I write, yes. What is it you desire?"

This woman laughs and tells me she'll play along. That attitude of play is something I find quite desirable.

I tell this woman which I'll call 7, there are thousands of us MCs around the world. Many of us started out as erotic hypnotists meeting in chat rooms to discuss the boundaries of consciousness, sex, methods of influence attempts, strategies of persuasion, and of course communication. As a hypnotist we learn how the subconscious is aware and active in our lives every moment we are alive. As a Mind Controller we learn about the constructs in the world around us and those inside us that allow us to perceive and recognize what we believe is reality. As a Guru, I learn about and awaken ever more with the energy and balance drawn from the Tao. In essence, words are important, but they do not always come easy. The best of us are able to seduce with words, to capture imaginations, and control sexual energy. What has meaning to me is developing our lives in balance with our sexuality, our intimate partners, and our passions. My work has brought me to be an educator within the kink community as I share my experiences of living poly M/s relationships as a Hypno Dom. It is here I woke up and found my tribe.

In the past I worked with people to teach them hypnosis to manage their anxiety, trauma, and chronic pain. I see a pattern amongst these conditions. They all have to do with the mind body connection even if they have different causes. So does finding our flow, exploring our lives passion, and living in ways we feel drawn to; within reason of course. As a rule, I invite, challenge, test, tease, and above all, I ask for consent when playing with my kinks to take control of someone. This is what happened on this day and I'm sharing it here as an example of how to create hypnotic adventures that bring aspects of power exchange. It’s funny that this happened at all because I wasn’t planning it, but it is a testament of being prepared. I had at least two stories I was wanting to try out if this woman was responsive and up for it. I begin by telling her that she should play along if she wants to know my secrets. She tells me if those secrets do not involve ghosts, demons, or aliens because that is too scary and she's probably going to bed alone tonight. Damn, because my stories are about a ghost and another about an imp that rides along on people's shoulders. Stripping away the supernatural elements of those stories there is always the power exchange aspects and erotic mind control. So, I roll with this.

I tell her that the words are important, because how they affect us all. Our words explain the represent to others our backstory and what we say and look for in the words of others signals to us the stories we are part of. Sometimes, just moving through. I told her to tell me about her reading habits and who she is. 7 tells me she reads romance, has read the 50 Shades series (blah!), has been to a few munches back in Detroit, and is reasonably kinky. She thinks mostly submissive as she has never really explored or been drawn to anything more. I tell 7 that makes sense to me because reading is a lot like hearing someone’s voice communicating how things are, should be, and is challenging your response to see if they align with the story. In many ways it is very similar to the hypnotic tests (book and bucket, magnet hands, eyes closure from fixation) we did just a few moments before.

"Being open to someone's story of the world necessitates that you let that other person have brief control over the boundary of your thoughts to put you in your place. This is how you move forward and begin to ask yourself what you would do..."

Damion comes over giving me a nod, thumbs up, and a smile as he hands us both drinks. He's setting up his hypnotic adventure for a three probably. What most of our potential subjects never realize is we tend to pick drinks without any alcohol in in them. Since Damion doesn't drink he find the drinks that are hard to tell when we buy a drink for others. We like to joke that this is a pseudo plus to ethical trancing. The reason why we do this is alcohol impairs frontal lobe executive function such as attention, but it also increases hypnotic responsiveness. Thus, if executive function is impaired to the degree that the instructed or commanded hypnotic action could not be performed by executive control, then hypnotic suggestibility would be impaired. Where this line is for an individual varies and we prefer not to play around with anyone that may be drunk. This is common stage hypnotist rule and a good guideline for anyone. Let's get back to the action.

“I’m still trying to decide if you might be my nemesis or sidekick here. I hope you do you mind if the leading character in my story has a drink with you?” 7 says raining her glass to me and looking over to see that her friends were engaged with Damion.

“No, be my guest. We are on the verge of putting this Storytime magic to the test.”

Speaking of which, does this mean my hands will simply float up into another story?” 7 asked inquisitively.

I was loving how quick and wonderfully at ease she was. Best of all I knew she was a responsive subject and intended to play with that.

I smiled and replied, “Well, sort of. At times like this I just need to listen and the best ideas come from the subject. That would be you, and as we interact a story forms around us. So, I guess I’m sorta brainstorming, but I help guide it to where its going to go. That make sense?”

7 smiled as she swished her drink around, “Yes, but I hope this isn’t too forward, to say to my potential narrator, but, can I make a request for a story?”

I almost laughed. I was surprised at the request and wanted to encourage her participation. “Go for it, but go big or go home. There are unicorns I could be tickling sweetie.”

“Well, I read a lot of fanfiction stories, like, a lot. I spend most of my time reading Harry Potter, and I like it when he's dark and often into BDSM. So my request is something like that with magic." 7 said looking a bit shy now.

"Well, I feel safe with you, but I'm going to ask you to tell me how you know you're really going to know you like a story like that?" I ask observing her reciprocity response for safety.

"I really liked the stories where the reader knows what's coming, but, the characters, often a woman doesn’t know she is being lured and charmed by magic until it’s too late. I don’t even know if that sort of thing is possible with you, but I love the way the psychological drama plays out. Stories like that have even made me want to be hypnotized sometimes and taken like that. It makes me so hot and I..." 7 blushes and quickly brings her hand to her mouth as if saying too much. "Does that make any sense to you?”" She says quickly as if grasping her courage back from the momentary doubts a moment before. This is exactly why I like to start out with being an erotic hypnotist, hypno dom, and kinky guru. So often the people that stay talking with me are those that are interested, and those that leave self-screen themselves out because they are not interested.

It was at that exact moment I decided I wanted 7 to feel that magic. She had already shown me she was willing. We went over what consent is in the BDSM and hypnotic world and she had given her consent over and over asking for more. She kept saying she agreed to exploring topics, having the experience, and asking for details. I knew she was a good subject for the testing we did. It was agreed that we would do something here, but she may not see it coming until she was immersed in it. All I had to do was to get her focused on my words, bringing her to the point where she was repeating them in her head, and letting my words become her own thoughts. I would do the tests again but in such a way that emphasized my control, her reactions to it, and connected it where she believed it would take her.

“Yes, that makes complete sense. People often associate with the main character in any given story. Being drawn to the themes and challenges the characters go through are part of the fun of these stories. It allows us to try on and try out new behaviors without ever being there, at first... As you really look at this..." My hand comes up to gently tap myself on the chest and I lean forward. "You get to be someone else for a bit, and experience what they are experiencing. That's part of the magic here. When you read these stories, you get to understand some things before the characters ever do. When you read an erotic story you get to have sex in a way you may never have imagined you could do. So it’s perfectly natural for you to associate with the main character of such a story. As you get closer to this..." I lean in a bit closer) You can relax into to the feeling excitement, because that's how these stories begin." I take a sip of my drink and nod at her and observe her giving me a slight nod back. As I mentioned earlier, when you read this you give up some control to the author, to the person guiding you, and you know that the characters don't even fully know what's ahead. And you already told me you enjoy the stories that the main character doesn't even realize the story they are part. Isn't that right?”

“God yes, I think your right. I love that feeling. I lose myself, and I'm really turned on being so completely focused on the story happening. That’s why I like these stories so much. I get into them pretty easily. How does this story of yours start?" 7 asks leaning in closer to me.

"Scoot closer and I'll tell you." I put my hand to my mouth as if ready to whisper a secret. She moves closer and I lean in. "It already has."

7 blushed and smiled. She seemed to be happy and she took a moment to respond.

"I don’t know if it’s possible to be controlled or hypnotized without knowing it. Yes, I admit I love the moment where the main character realizes she isn’t in control any more, but I'm not convinced that's possible. Are you going to tell me that’s really possible to hypnotize someone without them knowing?” 7 asked hopefully, in my opinion. This is the point that increased social proof is needed. I like that proof to be the transition point to deeper play.

“Oh Yes. It's possible, but it's a process that must be subtle enough to involve someone in it without them knowing about it. If were to put it in a story I’d probably with anchoring a little bit. . . but I'm not sure you'd really be interested in that." I said turning my body a bit and taking a drink.

"No, I am. Tell me please." 7 said moving a touch closer. That is the response I was looking for. I wanted her to chase me at this phase of the game.

"Well in the story I’d have to anchor a specific response to something the main character is doing." I pick up my glass again and tap it to with index finger. “Let's say, in the story the man takes a drink from his glass every time the subject answers a question with a yes. The subject's subconscious begins to anchor her affirmative answering, saying "yes", to the man's action of taking a drink. In doing this he knows that when this response is built up strongly enough he'll asks her if she wants to take all her clothes off for him. When she answers yes he'll take a drink. This subject only knows she wants to answer yes without knowing why. To get this response started all this man in the story would have to do is ask something simple like. . . do you like your drink?"

"Yes, I do. Thanks." 7 replied and I took a small sip from my glass of whisky.

"Oh do you like dark chocolate?"

“Yes, I love all chocolate, except for white chocolate. That's not chocolate anyway really." 7 said and I took a sip of my drink.

“That's very true about white chocolate, isn't it?”

7 smiled and said "Yes. I'm catching on here." She said playfully.

"Good, and you see..." I nodded and she gave me a slight nod so I took a sip. "After a while this specific action would anchor to that yes response. See how that works?” I asked, wondering if she really caught on.

“Yes, that makes sense.” 7 said taking a sip from her drink as I took another sip of my drink seemingly absent mindedly.

“Perfect, now you're getting it. If that’s done long enough it can have a powerfully strong effect. Anything like that happened in your stories?" I ask already prepping the glass to take the sip.