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Creating A Personalized Erotic Hypnotic Experience

When working with subjects we have to communicate with them and take into account not just their interests, but what we agree on together for a hypnotic experience. Your success will come from your ability to combine different aspects of experiences and both communicating with your subject verbally and reading their body language. When beginning to work with a subject you want to inspire trust by sharing the experience you agreed on with them. Do not engage in bait and switch. You will not only damage your reputation but you will find that few people want to work with you.

If you’ve agreed to share a relaxing and comfortable experience with a subject to help them unwind there’s not much point in doing an induction that focuses on helplessness and loss of control. They’ll become uncomfortable with the ideas you’re presenting them with, they might feel uncertain and perhaps unsafe, they might get irritated, they may feel scared, and they won’t be engaging with your words, or relaxing effectively. Being safe, comfortable, and able to rely on you to encourage them into these states of being is important. There is a time to engage in kink aspects and pushing these themes on people is doing so without their consent. Do not do it.

When the subject wants to engage in a kinky hypnotic themed adventure and you’ve agreed to set it up so they can feel manipulated, helpless, coerced, blackmailed, teased, powerless, and toyed with, but your session focuses on feelings of safety and empowerment. There is a total mismatch here. What will happen is the subject will find the experience very dry and boring. They are going to feel frustrated because they will feel like you don’t understand them or know what you’re doing. The subject won’t engage effectively, they may not finish the session with you, and this may be seen as a breech in trust or experience if you won’t engage in the kind of trance that states you’re both interested in exploring. Do what you say, communicating about the elements of the experiences you are providing, and getting agreement and consent will guarantee that you are offering in a personalized experience. When you do this you’ll be communicating with the most preferred elements that the subject already knows makes them hot and horney. At this point it is just your style, introduction of scenarios, linkage to introduce new elements and responses, and descriptive communication of how these things affect the subject that will sway them to like something more or less.

This article has already provided a few elements you can offer to flavor the experience with the subject. I’ll provide a short list of additional themed flavors you can incorporate in your menu offering, or use as they are for your themed hypnotic adventures. Remember you’ll still want to get criteria from the subject about descriptions about these elements as well as their consent to explore them. Not every iota of detail needs to be collected before trance. As you read this section keep in mind this quote from Neil Gaiman. “Fiction can show you a different world. It can take you somewhere you’ve never been. Once you’ve visited other worlds, like those who ate fairy fruit, you can never be entirely content with the world that you grew up in. And discontent is a good thing: people can modify and improve their worlds, leave them better, leave them different, if they’re discontented.”

These elements can be further developed while being fractionated in and out of trance. I hope you enjoy this brief hypnopedia listing. Be the porn you wish to see in the world.

  • Safe, protected, and having a place where you belong.

  • Horney, thirsty to submit, and happily owned.

  • Blanked, intelligence and will drained away, and conditioned to automatically obey.

  • Drugged, amnesia, and unconditionally obeying.

  • Dazed, drugged experimental subject, and hyper-sexual.

  • Playful Little, addicted to hypnosis, and becoming many different horney people.

  • Playful Little, discovering that more play makes them more horney, and needing to convince you to play with them.

  • Kidnapped, held captive, and fighting how much they want to please.

  • Detached, horney but passive, part of multiple timelines.

  • Seduced, disarmed, and forced to please.

  • Emptied of thoughts, identity, and emotions, programed through forced orgasms, and tested for the new mission.

  • Signing a contract of slavery, being continually conditioned by a hypnotic helper, and being trained to seduce and bring home others.

  • Empowered, focused and driven, and coming home to express your submission as a slave.

  • Submission locked on a person or thing, automatically obeying, and a countdown is set to recharge this before it goes away.

  • Tricked, addicted to semen, and go through withdrawals without it.

  • My presence awakens you, my touch and contact makes you more alive, and you become aware of a hidden level of existence by becoming unquestioningly mine.

  • Blackmailed into signing a contract of slavery, for a set amount of time you must be humiliated and objectified, and you have agreed to nothing more than a toy and a pet to earn your release.

  • Tricked to open a cursed object you have no choice but obey me or the spirit hunting you will have its way with you. There is no other way but to become my apprentice and learn magic.

If you want to get the more of this you'll have to get my upcoming book, Instruction of The Hypno Dom, A Master slave Lifestyle Development Training on Erotic and Authoritarian Hypnosis. The book is set for a September release date right now. Stay tuned for further developments and enjoy. The subjects depicted in this article were debriefed, followed up with, and all of them stated they would be looking for experiences like this in the future.

Joseph W Crown

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