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Struggling to become the best hypnotist you can be?

Struggling to become the best hypnotist you can be? I'm joining up with Sir Roland Berg, aka "The People Whisperer" at to develop the future of contemporary hypnosis by providing intensive one on one and group training. Not everyone seeks to develop their skills at a casual pace. I believe that training with hypnosis is conditioning for Mastery of skills, context, and oneself. While I'm a proud Training Member of the American Alliance of Hypnotists I no longer teach therapeutic technique and I don't do hypnotherapy. Collaborative partnership is one of the great features of as each of us represents diverse areas of mastery with hypnosis and engineering behavior. When I started out learning hypnosis I was on a search that cost upwards of $20k because I wanted patterns and techniques that worked. Today you can easily spend this by going to one or two seminars. We are people who have done the work, put in the time, and can save you time, energy, and money by training from the start for mastery.

Let me share a bit more about me and my niche with hypnosis. I've been part of the kink community teaching about general and erotic hypnosis, natural trance, meditation, and influence attempts for all purposes for over twenty years. My art is based out of my experience in the ownership and possession culture and my passion for erotic hypnosis is as a lifestyle trainer. From the moment we are born we are influenced, persuaded, manipulated, controlled, and corrected. Training begins by accepting all of that, and deciding where we go from here. Awakening starts when we realize unbecoming all that isn’t us is just as valid and necessary as empowering the best of who we are today. I seek people that want to perfect who they are and what they do with their life. Often that means discovering how you fit in with others and how others can take part in your design. My work is geared more for those that seek to lead and have an interest in the kink community. I have an appreciation for Taoism, and will impart aspects of the Tao of Pooh. It’s all about simplicity and harmony of being and action.

My emphasis on relationships through the art of a Mind Controller is what makes these teaching a unique and powerful blend for shaping influence on others, and conditioning one’s own behavior to awaken on the journey onward. I do not do therapy. What I teach is recreational hypnosis and how to structure and apply influence attempts across a variety of methods. Those who benefit the most from what I can impart can have some knowledge of hypnosis and are seeking to apply it, or just learning and are ready to work. Direct hypnosis, authoritarian, hypnosis, covert/conversational hypnosis, and constructing influence attempts for stage shows, public or private BDSM/kink scenes, and drilling basic and advanced hypnotic skills for face to face and written communication. Training with hypnosis is conditioning for Mastery of skills, context, and oneself. Working with me is about application of skills in context.

HypnoMentoring is the fastest way to achieve mastery of the art of hypnosis. Personal coaching by a consortium of master hypnotists with a proven understanding of the principles that underlie everything hypnotic will help you become the hypnotist you dream of being. Whether your interest is authoritarian direct hypnosis, conversational hypnosis or anything in-between we have something for you. If you want to master trauma recovery, stage hypnosis, erotic hypnosis, weight management, or any other focus area, we can help! Join us today and let us lead you to the next level!

Joseph W Crown Enjoy your toys and give the gift of Mind Control to those deserving few. You can find The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers live on amazon at Paperback Version Seek with your passion, and journey with a welcoming heart and grateful spirit. We are all unknowing seekers who bring with us stories describing the path we've tread. To live with mind controllers you must be accepted as their tribe, learn their dance, and never forget that this is but another hat to wear.

Subscribers of The Tao of The Crown, will be randomly offered goodies not released to the public. Have you signed up?

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