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Utilizing environmental under stimulation to build cognitive intensity

While you might think that environmental under stimulation may be difficult to design or move someone into, it is part of how we live our lives. You might remember going to a doctor’s office and waiting with for some lengthy amount of time with nothing but those old magazines in front of you. In that time and space, those articles that you would likely not be glancing at in the supermarket or library became somewhat interesting. Can under stimulation also known as boredom at times make someone voluntarily do something they said they had no interest in doing again?

This question might be readily answered if you are easily bored, or have ever picked at a painful scab in a quiet moment. Some people with nothing but their own thoughts in the silence of space will subconsciously seek out anything to change their focus and how they feel. This is something influencers need to think about as we teach people to be quiet in themselves.

Let’s take a look at an experiment where the subject passively choose between a toy that delivered electric shocks and wooden blocks in the first stage. I invite you to watch the first episode of Mind Field S1 • E1. If you make it past the initial boredom experiment and into what happens as a person goes into isolation bonus points for you!

Please share your thoughts. Boredom is dissociation of one thing and intense association on something else. So how might you this knowledge to better direct thoughts when the environment gets quiet and still?

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Joseph Crown

My work is created to interact with those that enjoy themes of hypnosis, influence, and power exchange. Please share them as appropriate. This brings others attracted to these themes into our circle. These words were created with passion, kindness, and appreciation in order to share what I enjoy with those of us seeking the right fit, together. That's just part of the benefit and pleasure of sharing. It also makes me happy. :>

Joseph W Crown Enjoy your toys and give the gift of Mind Control to those deserving few.

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