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Can you be overwhelmed by pleasure?

You will hear people say that it’s easier to think about the bad that might happen because so many people do it. There are lot of potential ways we can imagine a situation going wrong and also going right. During the COVID crisis I have noticed that more subs and subjects are feeling overwhelmed by pleasure when they can experience it authentically through the experiences we share. As a Hypno Dom I offer experiences of comfort, structure, acceptance, challenge, acceptance, and perspectives that do more than allow a person to stretch out of their comfort zone. I offer new perspectives and stories that can change one’s mind and how they live their life. While I can talk about that to a person who is new, I don’t believe it can be fully understood until it is experienced for oneself. After sharing these experiences, I’d like to ask you if you’ve ever thought it was possible for a person to be overwhelmed by pleasure?

If you or a partner has ever cried during or after sex from the emotions of happiness, acceptance, love, and pleasure, you know that it’s perfectly normal and you’re not alone. Tears during or after sex, or an intensely intimate experience, can also be a purely physical reaction. It can happen to anyone, regardless of gender or sexual orientation. A range of emotions can evoke crying, and they’re not all bad. Maybe you’re head over heels in love, maybe you’ve anticipated being with a person for a long time, or maybe you finally feel every that you need and want click in your mind. These feelings can be even more intense. These feelings can feel like a release of everything being held back, and for some people it can be the intensity of feeling loved utterly. Those of us that create roles and scenarios can rev up tension and create an emotional roller coaster where tensions readily released as much as gathered up, and intimate intensity can be encouraged to overflow what a person usually feels. You can trance someone just as easily as you can fuck someone that is rapidly bouncing from anticipation to fear to ecstasy before crashing into sub space with an orgasm. Tears, being quiet, having butterflies in one’s stomach, or just wanting to stay present and be may mean a person is simply overwhelmed by the thrill of the emotions and mind/body experience of it all.

Intense physical and mental sexual pleasure can definitely overwhelm, and it’s not surprising that a person would cry or indulge in their inner quiet after the experience. Did you just have the biggest orgasm of your life? Was it your first experience with multiple orgasms? Feeling your body take over and give an experience that you never believed possible can be scary, thrilling, exciting, and leaving you thinking about it long after. I have seen this happen another way also. People often come seeking greater intimacy with hypnosis, trance, and BDSM because in the past they have been overwhelmed by their body’s lack of response to their partner. If you are in the lifestyle you will often hear from others that vanilla sex just doesn’t do it for them anymore. Feeling underwhelmed by a lack of intimacy and mental excitement is real and happens to all of us every day. This doesn’t even touch on the biggest complaint from men and women alike, which is they’ve been fantasizing about great sex and they don’t get the ending they want. Crying like laughter, is a natural reaction to positive and negative stress, fear, authentic joy, shock, and surprise. Pleasure itself has a price. To succeed in the pursuit of pleasure, you have to focus on the pleasure and not on the effort. Fill yourself up with the sensations of the present experience and the intimacy explored with one another. Not everyone is good at experiencing and communicating the pleasure that they are experiencing. We think that pleasure should come automatically. But it’s not so simple. Just like you can’t fully enjoy music without learning about music appreciation, so too you have to learn all about pleasures. Everyone will have their preferences about what they like and don’t. No one knows what they don’t know.

For most people physical pleasure is the easiest to attain and those but many of us crave more than the ordinary prescribed pleasures that pop culture tells us to achieve. That doesn’t mean the DP with Eiffel Tower ending doesn’t get common place for some too, but it does point to a lack of structure and intimacy to develop from vanilla to being liberated to experience the more complex experiences with others. That moment where a person realizes they can work with me to do almost anything and still be the weird, happy, energetic person they always were is amazing to see. They glow and service to me comes through expressing their best self. Not everyone in the world needs to approve, know about it, or be told. This experience is not for everyone and for those that it is for it will expand the internal limits placed upon themselves. Human beings can get overwhelmed by many things in their life and often aren’t able to communicate that they are easily. Whether you are Dom, sub, or you go by another fancy label or identity, it is worth your time learning how to encourage others by their strengths. Learning how to engage to advocate for them and yourself. Discovering what you like and working together to enjoy more of it and take care of one another. Taking care of each other push the self imposed limits onward and allows us to expand what we think is possible.

Being overwhelmed can be a sign of peak experience, being present in the moment and achieving insight, and the reaction often comes from a stimulation of the subconscious processes meeting the conscious awareness. It is the structure, communication and feedback, intimacy, encouragement, and acceptance that a Hypno Dom provides that offers the relational fit that keeps people coming back. At the time I am writing this trauma, hardship, and abuse are the stories we hear about in the news. We are sheltering in place and all of us are trying to come to terms with a new normal. My experience of connecting with others is that people really need that acceptance right now. They really are thirsty for feeling desired, for community, for adventure, for trust, love, and to be counted on. People are seeking structure in their lives and that will not change in the future. Pleasure is often just one sign post that lets a person know that there is something important going on here. They may not be able to describe it but they will likely recognize they do not want to lose it. Whether a person is tranced by you or in the hypnosis of daily life I ask you to be kind. Protect yourself and those you love, but where ever possible take care of each other. People seeking community are motivated to include others, even those who act, think, or feel differently. However, community requires commitment. Inclusion is possible only when people are committed to the group and have share values. While those we love and care about will at times get overwhelmed by life and positive emotion, we have an effective way to support and encourage them. What we share with those we love will enable them to help us, help others, and utilize the resources we develop with them so they might help themselves. Being overwhelmed by these moments should not be seen as weakness of character or intellect. These moments signal our thoughts bursting out of the finite restraints we have accepted and moved towards a larger infinity that we all build upon for the rest of our lives.

Joseph Crown

My work is created to interact with those that enjoy themes of hypnosis, influence, and power exchange. Please share them as this brings others attracted to these themes into our circle. These words were created with passion, kindness, and appreciation in order to share what I enjoy with those seeking the right fit, together. That's just part of the benefit and pleasure of sharing. It also makes me happy. :> Seek the Tao of the Crown!

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