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My Letter to @johnbaku on why FetLife Needs Dedicated Columnists

The following is a letter I sent to @johnbaku of FetLife. Many of us are seeking community, looking for the best ways to get ourselves out there, and want to learn about what matters to us. In the many moments of the day my curiosity, interest, and energy level changes. I want what I want and believe that FetLife is a better place to turn to then the 24 hour news cycle right now. I'm sharing my letter in hopes to get your thoughts and perhaps encourage change to better FetLife because this community has made a difference and connected so many of us over the years. FetLife makes information accessible to people on a level that directly connects to how they are seeking to live.The world you experience is the real world and talking with each other about what matters can make it better.

Dear @johnbaku

I am a subject matter expert on cultural contact zones and identity change. I explore these avenues through my kink and interests. What I am sharing here with you is what I believe is needed through an adaption of Fet and this will small change can transform how Fet is utilized. I plan on publishing my thoughts here but wanted to share it with you first. I wanted to share with you what makes Fet great and how it could be better by utilizing its content production potential.

FetLife Needs Dedicated Columnists so that we can have a way to discover kinks by reading and viewing how people are actively interacting with those fetishes.

Fetlife needs to have a way to show off skills and personal development aside from pictures and old school blog format. Creating Columnists that are promoted allows us to show off our skills about how we live life, celebrate kink, and bring together random shit. I journal, I meditate, I teach erotic hypnosis, I write, and I have an active kink lifestyle that is expressed through the constellation of communication as art. Sharing how we do this allows us to come together and share these activities through virtual and in person meetups on Fet. This action encourages Fet to more actively be considered a publisher of stories and events that impact us Kinksters. That encourages people to take part and share their life as they are encouraged to hold opinions, share stances, and participate in these historical times.

Fetlife needs Dedicated Columnists to establish Correspondence of Masters because this form of communication is like a time capsule. I very much consider it journaling, DYI, and advice column. The best and brightest have sought each other out to share their thoughts on topics, and their pursuits of knowledge and passions for centuries. Finding people to correspond with means you get access to information, opportunities, and perspectives to contrast your own. Friendship, mentoring, personal, and professional pursuits all relay on these skills and few people tend to engage in formal opportunities where they may benefit from the network and connections this practice brings. Every individual’s network is the social capital that allows them to gain knowledge, practice skills, foster alliances towards common causes, and connect you to opportunities. Social capital is the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively. Consider the effort needed to maintain your social capital the first step towards recognizing any goal you have that affects others a social goal. To begin this form of journaling you’ll need someone you can commit to writing a letter or email to each other at least once a month, but preferably every week. Write about how your days are going. Write about your wishes, triumphs, trials, frustrations. Write about anything you’d like your friend to know. Share your passions and explore collaborative ideas that you can build on naturally and easily. Respond to your friend’s concerns and questions. At the end of six months look back through your correspondence to them and take notice of your thoughts and reactions at different points in time. You’ll be creating a historical record of your life but also learning about the world from another’s perspective.

When it’s time to relax and just chat with friends, the last thing on most people’s minds is that this can be an opportunity to learn something new, become more creative or get a different perspective on life. This kind of journaling will keep your knowledge of global stocks or wilderness survival skills fresh. Your not just expanding knowledge but engaging in vicarious experiences with people who may be a professional in the field or have at least done plenty of research on it. Some people will have tons of practical skills and experience in a few fields, while others will have plenty of information about minute details on certain areas of their chosen field. This form of journaling works by making you do the work to focus on yourself, to think about concepts and relationships, and be able to practice conveying meaningful messages that hone skills of impression management. Four types of Social Capital are culturally communicated and developed through correspondence.

  • Bonding Capital - used among family and close friends to reinforce existing relationships.

  • Bridging Capital - used among acquaintances to become closer to people.

  • Linking Capital - used among individuals that have organizations in common such as employees of the same company.

  • Identifying Capital - used among groups with shared beliefs and interests, most often political or ideological.

Actively engaging in this correspondence means you’ll have to engage with conversational topics. Engaging in conversation will encourage you to talk with others. Soon you’ll find yourself in the company of experienced, skilled, well-read, and interesting individuals much more often. Don’t shy away from old friends or make your relationships quid pro quo, but seek to gravitate towards people whose company you enjoy and who can help you evolve. This way every relaxing afternoon or night out with friends becomes a unique learning experience. Many people today struggle to be aware of their own stories never mind the stories of people that surround them every day. Should you be interested in this reach out and say hello.

Fetlife needs dedicated Columnists because we are consumption and participation-based economy. We are sharing more to seek community. We are creating more and seeking others with you as the vehicle. Fetlife has been mentioned in my books, stories, and blogs. All roads can lead back to Fetlife by encouraging people like me by showcasing our works as Columnists. As we reach the masses those messages become part of the stories of how people think about their lives. Fetlife for many of us has the potential to go beyond personal connections and interests. Fetlife communicates the status of how we are doing and how the news of our lives is affecting us. Thank you for what you have done because we need Fetlife. Your work has made a difference in my life and it has helped many embrace the daily struggles. We can see we are not alone and this connection encourages us to let these challenges make us stronger. It won't last forever, but hopefully, this site will!

Thank you for your time and work.

Joseph Crown

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