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Highlighting Bella Price, AKA Master Bella, An Agent of Influence of 2022

This award has been bestowed on Bella Price, aka Master Bella, because of your service in educating others on fetish, kink, stigma, inclusion, and the representation of kink and identity expression. You’re a celebrated Founder and Sister of HardPink Sisterhood, a women’s support group for those who appreciate, support, protect and celebrate the female presence in the Leather, M/s, D/s, Kink, and BDSM lifestyle. She’s been a source of support for many women in the community and has created a safe space for those who need direction and support. The owner of M.A.S.E. Mobile Alabama Self Expression is a group for free-thinking, self-expressive, kink-sex positive folks in or around Mobile, Alabama. Sharing the philosophy that our desires, interests, and quirkiness are important and essential to LIVE! Your work has made kink more intelligent comfortable, and enjoyable by making it less awkward for many to discuss.

You are a role model of someone following their passion and teaching others about sexual health, BDSM, kink, and coaching them to live fuller lives. What you are doing with your work is changing the kink culture and many communities for the better thank you.