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It's Week 2: Join The Hypnotic Episodic Writing Group!

I am thrilled to announce the launch of our Hypnotic Episodic Writing Group! This dynamic community will dive into the art of hypnotic writing, exploring new prompts every week. Each Saturday, I'll post a new prompt on the blog, reflecting the themes we've discussed in our in-person meetings.

To enhance our practice and strategize effectively, I've created a private, invite-only group. This exclusive space will allow us to hone our skills and collaborate closely. If you're passionate about hypnotic writing and eager to join our vibrant community, I encourage you to reach out. This group will be on Facebook and in the future I'll explore other options if need be.

The key to joining? Owning one of my books. This ensures we're all working from the same foundational materials, fostering a unified and productive learning environment. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your writing and connect with like-minded individuals. Reach out today and become a part of our exciting journey into the world of hypnotic storytelling!

Here is the main book that you should have and work through. The Art of Hypnotic Episodic Storytelling: A Training Manual for Crafting Long-Form Compelling Narratives for Influence

Find all formats and versions here: 

This is a unique community driven opportunity to write along with the author and learn with the community that is able to partipate each week.

Below you will find this week's Hypnotic Saga.

The Lexicon of Reality

Dr. Marcus Aldridge was a linguistics professor obsessed with the notion that words could shape reality itself. He spent years studying ancient texts and mythology, tracing the roots of language back to their primordial sources.

In a dusty, secluded wing of the university library, he pored over crumbling tomes and esoteric scrolls. The dim flickering of the antique lamps cast an almost hypnotic glow over the pages as his eyes drank in the arcane symbols and glyphs.

Something stirred within him as the patterns emerged - an inkling that there were words of power coded into the very fabric of existence. If only he could unlock their secrets...

One night, as he sat hunched over a particularly enigmatic manuscript, the flowing script seemed to undulate before his eyes. The candlelight played hypnotic tricks, and the words blurred into an incomprehensible trance-Dance.

Then, without warning, a single syllable burned itself into his mind's eye with searing intensity: Vyam.

Dr. Aldridge jerked back, gasping as if awakening from a deep slumber. That word... It echoed through his consciousness with a palpable vibration, as though imbued with a primordial power.

He quickly jotted it down, his hand trembling. What did it mean? What secrets did it hold?

That obsession metastasized over the coming weeks as Dr. Aldridge delved deeper into the ancient texts. He began keeping a journal, cataloging any words or utterances that seemed to hold special properties or resonance.

The whispers of power lurked between the lines, taunting him. If he could only decipher their mysteries...

One passage told of an obscure tribe who used words as incantations to shape the physical world around them. Simply by giving utterance to certain glyphs and syllables, they could purportedly bend reality to their will.

Dr. Aldridge's fascination metastasized into obsession. He stopped attending classes and faculty meetings. His pursuit of these linguistic keys consumed him utterly. Sleep was an unwelcome intrusion, haunted by visions of glyphs and runes swirling in kaleidoscopic cascades.

When he did finally succumb to fatigue, his eyes would snap open, bloodshot but feverishly aware. The words were talking to him, their cadence twisting his synapses with compulsive tendrils of thought.

The key to their power lay in tapping primordial frequencies coded into the very nature of our universe. Every atom vibrated at its own signature resonance - what if those vibrations could be replicated and amplified through語言?

In his increasingly unstable mind, the logic became inescapable. Words were not mere sounds or squiggles of ink, but programmable codes with the potential to fundamentally alter the operating system of our reality.

His journal filled with frenzied scribbles, arcane words, and esoteric symbols. He recorded each utterance, syllable, and inflection with manic devotion. If he could just unlock their sequencing, he might gain mastery over the building blocks of Creation itself.

With each lucid burst of revelatory insight, the words burned hotter, carving indelible grooves in his psyche:

Ansra - the scintillating whisper that bent light into coruscating prisms

Velakhan - which thrummed the aether with oscillating frequencies of pure potential

Hasataz - whose guttural rasp held a cosmic gravitational pull

The susurrant murmurings seduced his mind into waking trances where the boundaries blurred between him and the hallowed utterances.

He became both conduit and vessel, dissolving into a transcendent flow-state that granted fleeting glimpses of ineffable truth. In those heightened states of consciousness, even the written words seemed to breathe with life, acclimating to his reality with pulsing tambour.

In one particularly vivid trance, the blazing curves and flourishes materialized as speaking curves of energy. Dr. Aldridge's consciousness merged with that sinuous, sentient calligraphy, which coiled around his essence like a serpent of fire.

He became the living embodiment of those primordial glyphs as their undulating frequencies unlocked hitherto undetected dimensions...

When he finally snapped back to his physical form, his hair was tinted with streaks of radiant crimson, as if scorched by cosmic forces. Papers lay scattered in charred heaps, and his skin tingled with oscillating pulses of indescribable power.

The experience both electrified and terrified him in equal measure. With the revelation of the words' awesome capabilities came a chilling responsibility. For if he merely spoke certain utterances without care, he could inadvertently unmake reality itself.

Still, the allure was overpowering. And so he pressed on, determined to master this primordial lexicon at any cost.

Dr. Aldridge abandoned his teaching post and went into self-imposed seclusion. In the days that followed, his descent into fixation accelerated into fugue states of trancelike intensity, where the flickering dance of words and syllables consumed his waking life.

He survived on scraps and water, slipping in and out of lucidity. Sleep was a foreign concept, replaced by hypnagogic plateaus where the words flowed around him in ethereal streams of pure potential.

In those liminal realms, he found himself conversing with the ancient authors who had encrypted these powerful codes into hieroglyphs and ideograms eons ago. They taught him to follow the ancestral currents of language back to their cosmic sources.

Some nights, the words themselves would manifest as radiant geometries humming with indecipherable intelligence, testing him, luring him deeper into their hypnotic web. Other nights, they crackled with the fury of solar flares, branding his subconscious with secrets too vast for human perspective to fully comprehend.

Through it all, his journal served as the catalyst for his metamorphosis, brimming with amassed esoterica. Words, runes, sigils, incantations - entire alphabets accrued, transposed from dimensions beyond our own.

As he translated more of these hyperdimensional ciphers into the degraded symbols of our limited languages, his studies acquired a wild momentum. And with that momentum came tantalizing frissons of authority over the underlying architecture of reality.

He discovered weaving certain phonemes in precise cadences could resonate with the subatomic scales at which matter cohered. A deftly enunciated inflection might bend electromagnetic waves into intricate matrices of directed energy.

The deeper he plunged, the more malleable the world became to his utterances.

With a murmured incantation, Dr. Aldridge could stretch the fabric of spacetime, distorting the flow of temporal currents. Whispered invocations coiled matter into impossible geometries or transmuted elements into their constituent atoms.

He became a lexical demiurge, speaking sublime worlds into existence with hypnotic rhythms of transformed language. With each revelation, he grew drunker on the intoxicating power of speech...

Until one fateful day, when his meticulously inked words unraveled the boundaries between our universe and...something else. Something ancient, rapacious, and utterly indifferent to the warped realities he'd wrought with his precious syllables.

When that cosmic breach ruptured into his secluded haunt, Dr. Aldridge found himself exposed to hyperversal immensities of such magnitude, they seared his sanity past the point of repair. His flailing, reeling consciousness spooled apart like a unraveling spool of thread as tentacles of irresistible revelation lashed him with the true insignificance of his vaunted words.

What paltry skill had he truly mastered? His precious glyphs were nothing but discordant echoes in the infinite symphony of creation. An arrogant anthropocentric conceit that the mere act of utterance could command the cosmos.

With sanity in tatters, Dr. Aldridge clawed at the strands of his dissolving self, begging forgiveness of whatever ineffable forces he had offended with his naive scribblings. But his litany of carefully curated words had lost all meaning, burnt to vapor by searing infinitudes beyond the very scope of language itself.

As he poured out his final perorations amidst the scattered ashes of his life's work, an ominous certainty took root - the fleeting power words may indeed shape realities, but there would always be greater forces that rendered even the mightiest utterances utterly mute.

His final murmurings unraveled to a single, spent exhalation that whispered through the cosmic gulfs, achingly insignificant.

And then...there was...

Let's look at what hypnotic elements are part of this story.

The story "The Lexicon of Reality" incorporates several hypnotic elements and principles to create an immersive, trance-inducing narrative. Here are some of the key hypnotic techniques utilized:

1. Rhythmic language and repetition: The prose employs a rhythmic, almost incantatory cadence through the use of parallel phrasing, repetitive word patterns, and alliterative descriptions. For example: "The susurrant murmurings seduced his mind into waking trances where the boundaries blurred between him and the hallowed utterances."

This rhythmic quality can lull the reader into a trancelike state, much like the hypnotic effect of a metronome or repeated verbal induction.

2. Vivid sensory descriptions: The story evokes a rich tapestry of sensory imagery, vividly describing sights, sounds, and visceral sensations. This intense sensory focus can narrow the reader's attentional field, drawing them deeper into the narrative trance. For example: "The dim flickering of the antique lamps cast an almost hypnotic glow over the pages as his eyes drank in the arcane symbols and glyphs."

3. Metaphors and symbolism: Metaphorical language and symbolic imagery are employed to bypass the critical factor of the conscious mind. The abstract concepts of words shaping reality are given form through vivid metaphors like "speaking curves of energy" and "sinuous, sentient calligraphy." These bypass literal interpretations and speak directly to the subconscious mind.

4. Confusion inductions: Passages that induce a sense of confusion, disorientation or overload can facilitate a dissociative trance state in the reader. For instance: "The blazing curves and flourishes materialized as speaking curves of energy. Dr. Aldridge's consciousness merged with that sinuous, sentient calligraphy, which coiled around his essence like a serpent of fire."

5. Pacing and narrative binds: The story's pacing alternates between fast, frenzied sequences that overload the conscious mind, and slower, trancelike descriptions that allow it to dissociate. This oscillation between cognitive overwhelm and focused absorption can induce an upwards trance shift.

To make these hypnotic elements more overt, writers could:

- Emphasize the rhythmic, repetitive linguistic patterns further

- Extend the vivid sensory descriptions into more granular detail

- Utilize more obvious metaphor/symbolic imagery related to trance phenomena

To make them more subtle, writers could:

- Intersperse the rhythmic/repetitive patterns less overtly

- Minimize the sensory detail in favor of more abstract descriptions

- Couch the metaphoric language in a more understated, casual style

- Integrate the confusion techniques less conspicuously into the narrative flow

Ultimately, overt or covert use depends on whether the goal is an unabashedly trancelike reading experience, or a more subtle, subliminally absorptive one. Both can be effective for hypnotic literary purposes, depending on the intended effect.

Joseph Crown

My work is geared toward those who enjoy hypnosis, influence, community development, advocacy, kink, and BDSM lifestyle power exchange themes. Much of my work is designed for people who seek to develop themselves with like-minded people and don't want their future lifestyle and opportunities to be defined by others in mainstream culture. We live in a society that often gives us a very narrow idea of what's a good life. This is not that. This work was designed to bring people together from multiple communities and be shared as a community-driven entry point where people can come together and have positive experiences that can change them. Please share them, as this brings others attracted to these themes into our circle. These words were created with passion, kindness, and appreciation to share what I enjoy with those seeking the right fit. That's just part of the benefit and pleasure of sharing. It also makes me happy. :> Seek the Tao of the Crown!

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