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Be a Sexual Monster through the Crown Control System

“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”

― Friedrich Nietzsche

I was talking with a Hypno Dom today that has established a standing inclusion trance with his slave that her taking on the identity of a sexual monster. In that Alpha Monster Slave identity she brings home women for him, she hunts and controls the slaves they regularly play with, and when Master feels like transforming he becomes a monster that shifts shapes to fuck them all. My book is The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers, and it is a system of Mind Control rooted in the Ownership and Possession culture. It teaches you how to use the Crown Control System to create inclusion trances that fulfill fantasies and bring those in your relationship closer through their participation and role.

What is an inclusion trance? Inclusion trances are an altered state of consciousness where a subject is disassociated from their surroundings, life events, identity, and associated into a timeline story identity. In that timeline the subject will recognize themselves through identity backstory, goals, and desires. All of this serves the subject by allowing them to demonstrate their personality and take part in a story through interactions in context with both real and hypnotically guided tests, tasks, and experiences.

If you could give the gift of identity how would you shape that identity's desire and experience so they could walk in the world to undertake some of their missions? Hunting new slaves and keeping active with current slaves routines takes time and energy. When I heard of what this sexual monster does to fuck, tease, and control this unit it keeps the interactions fresh among the group. Everyone in this unit is exploring and experiencing a world of experiences that it would be impossible to do alone.

Human history is rife with monsters, devils, and things that go bump in the night. It also has its fair share of things that exist to go hump in the night. And let's be reasonable; sexual terror is a real and powerful thing. A monster is ever-so-slightly scarier if it violates a person in some way. And maybe that's what people were thinking about when they crafted this handful of ghouls who aren't content to just hide under your bed or wait for you in the darkness. They want to give you the bad touch and make you feel worse about yourself as they take you in any way they choose and enjoy the taste of a persons humiliation. To inspire you to bring in more than tentacle monsters I thought I share some lesser known monster identities you might consider.

The Liderc is our first shadowy follower. From Hungary, where they have too much time for putting details into their perverted monsters, comes the liderc. Is it a giant-wanged hamster? You wish. The origin of the liderc is the most complicated trail of bullshit anyone ever imagined. First, you get a black chicken -- maybe a little black chicken, the story isn't too clear. You then take its egg and warm it, either in a pile of actual horse shit, or just your armpit.When the egg hatches, the liderc is born. Where did the chicken go? We don't know. The liderc, however, will now proceed to fuck with your mind before literally fucking you. It will take on the appearance of a long-dead relative or lover.

This is the part of the stories that I wish offered more details, because generally they go on to say how it comes back every night to bone you, and you start wasting away to death as it humps you and sucks your blood and sits on your chest so you can't breathe and that kind of inconsiderate monster stuff ... but for real, as a relative? Like, did someone's grandma do this to them once? You hatched this egg and it looks like grandma and now she keeps coming back to pork you to death? There's a lot wrong with this story. A whole lot.Anyway, regardless of what and who the liderc looks like (Some stories say it has one chicken leg it keeps hidden in its pants. You know, so you don't get wise to how this dead sex partner of yours may not be all they seem), it'll keep coming back, either until you're dead or you find a way to distract it. How do you distract it? Random household chores! Keep that up for the rest of your natural life and you'll get through this OK.

Incidentally, there are also a couple of other lidercs out there. One kind is just a tiny devil that you might find in the pocket of old clothes, because maybe that's where you lost that little devil you owned? Anyway, find that liderc, and suddenly your life takes a turn for the better, as you gain fame and fortune and try to overlook the fact that the cost for these wonders is your soul. The other kind of liderc is just some flying fire or a will-o-the-wisp, which seems like the least menacing of the three at this point, and doesn't involve necrophilia.

Our next shadowy friend are the Caballi. They are lustful spirits, still possessed of their earthly passions, who instinctively seek out living persons of similar inclination for the purpose of gratifying their desires. Spiritualists believe that they are especially attracted to lustful and salacious mediums, whose powers permit the Caballi to materialize and so experience more intense pleasures than are possible to them otherwise. However, their sexual practices also take place on the astral planes, where they copulate with a variety of astral beings and with humans visiting the planes in their astral bodies. Check out the movie The Entity to see a force taking a woman by force. Be warned this movie is older but it could set off those who are rape survivors. It may also scare you a bit. Enjoy!

Popobawa is a one eyed goblin with a fetish for ass fucking. A shadowy follower who waits until you are alone or fast asleep. The Popobawa slips you the high hard one in the back door. The Popobawa tells you that you better tell people about it, or else he'll come back to do it again and again. So you know, start gossiping, because that is how the monster is passed on.

What you may not know is that this isn't some story from the Dark Ages, when a mud farmer and a poop farmer would meet in the middle of a field, sit down to a lunch of mushrooms and despair, and spin yarns about why their asses hurt so much. This thing was born in the 1960s and has been reported in the news, as in on the BBC, as late as 2001. The news legitimately reports on outbreaks of ass-blasting monsters in Tanzania. That's why 24-hour networks don't help society better itself.

How do you defend against a popobawa, and what does it want? You could try to never fall asleep, as some villagers do. As for what it wants? Your ass. It wants to be inside your ass, and then it wants you to tell your friends that last night, a small one-eyed bat man plowed your ass like a field of cassava. And that's why this monster is so terrifying. It has no part 2 to its plan. It just wants to bugger you or your friends. It even enjoys knowing you told.

EGRIGORS (In Tibet, TULPAS) Egrigors created by group effort, and which may be apprehended only visually, are the most common, but most occultists also hold that there may be tangible materialized Thought-Forms, and that these may be created by individuals as well as by groups. Usually they are created by intense concentration, but they may also come into being as the result of very intense daydreams or fantasies.

Egrigors, once in existence, may develop wills of their own, passing beyond the control of their creator(s). Sometimes, it is reported, they turn upon their creators. There is the story of a young woman driven insane by the physical and mental cruelties of her Egrigor-lover. There are other stories of men driven to crimes of violence because of their jealousy of the unfaithful Thought-Form mistresses they had created. Other accounts tell of Thought-Form replicas (and DOPPELGANGERS), created for homosexual indulgence. It's not gay is you're blowing yourself right? It might be noted that some authorities vigorously deny that the Tibetan Tulpas are to be equated with the Thought-Forms of Western occultists.

Our next follower in the darkness is the Thokolosi. The thokolosi wants to debauch people in their sleep, but enjoys more then your ass. Being sleep fucked is a huge cultural fear/fetish in other parts of the world. Not that North Americans aren't afraid of home invasion or sexual assault, but we generally blame those things on actual creeps wearing ski masks, not dwarves who have one buttock and a penis so long they have to sling it over their shoulder like an old hose. Putting aside its mysterious large butt cheek and allusive poop shoot, the thokolosi is a little fellow, about three feet in height. The way to fight back against the thokolosi is to prop your bed up on some bricks because, you know, he's short. If the little guy has to put effort into his sexual assaults, he's just not going to do it. It's all about the low hanging fruit here.

Our last shadow follower is the Encantado comes from Brazil. The encantado is a river dolphin that lives in an underwater land of paradise where there is no pain or death, and will occasionally surface in our world to take on human form. Why leave an orgiastic paradise to hang out in Brazil? All that sweet Brazilian ass, my friends.Sometimes we just need a new set ouf hands and a new friend to oil the squad up. Encantados appear as humans, and have pretty much three things going for them: they're built like Roman gods, they want to hit it 24/7, and they love to party. They are one of the finest monsters in folklore. Who the hell wants to deal with a shitty chupacabra when you have a Big Dicked Sex Dolphin Monster down in Brazil? When encantados have a ladies night that porthole does come into play.

In human form, the encantado is the coolest person at the party. You can pick one out of crowd because if it tries to leave, everyone freaks out and tries to make him stay. Also, he'll be wearing a hat to cover his blowhole. Fun fact: when the male shapeshifts back into a dolphin, he'll still be wearing the hat. The downside to this party and always ready hump machine, is that they haven't mastered tact just yet, and will sometimes fall in love with their human partners and kidnap them. The weird part is that the locals in Brazil seem to feel this is a bad thing, as if spending forever in a paradise with shapeshifting, magical sex dolphins is a hardship or whatever.

Want to find more monsters for your monster porn play? You should also include the term “cryptozoological erotica.” There really is a porn for everything. I hope you enjoyed this post. It is a bit longer than usual.

Joseph W Crown

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