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Conversationally introducing people to trance.

I have been asked many times how do I transition a conversation into a trance in a way that feels natural. My style of control is a combination of diverse mind control techniques and a utilization of what I call relational hypnosis. We are all in relationships with each other, our intimate friends and partners, and the world itself. The Crown Control System has been designed to be used with the operator's relationship style and to shape that style into an art. This is what makes my method of utilizing mind control and hypnosis different then any other method out there. Your art is developed through your relationships.


Not every trance needs to developed into a deeper hypnotic state, and when you are introducing the concept of hypnosis, trance, or doing covert work, it really doesn't take much to begin. I'm going to share something with you that could use today. This is a creative exercise that allows people to explore relationships that they are most strongly associated with. I have seen people working with exercises like this discover insights to move out of writer's block, and have few ideas to tackle challenges. The goal of this exercise is discovery and insight into how we are thinking.

Let's try a relational exercise here together now. Allow yourself to share the first thing that comes to your mind as you read the the sentences below. Give yourself permission to discover what is right on the periphery of your awareness when you are in the moment. As you read the questions, and discover the answers coming to you say them aloud, or write them down here. That's all you have to do, besides have fun. Picture this. It's going to be beautiful. Take your time necessary, and take one line at time. Let's begin.EndFragment

You start out on a path. What does it look like? What are the first details that grab you from your surroundings?

Who are you walking with? What are the first details that you focus in on with your walking partner?

Walking forward something gets your attention. Describe what's happening.

As you walk on you come upon an animal. Describe what is happening with the animal you see.

As you walk closer what does the animal do. Describe what is happening as you pass the animal by.

Up ahead there is a wide upon space. You see clues that people may be nearby. Describe what you see.

Something ahead of you catches your eye. You're drawn forward. What is going through your mind as you move forward?

Something happens that makes you smile and tell's you that you're about to take part in an adventure. Describe what made you realize that you were in for a fun adventure.

How did you do? Were you surprised at how easy you were able to fill in the details? Anytime you use your mind this way you'll make connections and you will get curious about what this means about you. I could tell you more, but to really experience you would have to let go. Have you ever visualized or tried going into a trance?

I guess I may have introduced the concept of moving people into trance by making a kind of game out of it. The experience had clear guidelines and expectations for you to follow along with. It even had a few suggestions peppered through this text. This was a very light state of trance that you are learning to guide people through. It can lead to more profound states by including social proof techniques and hypnotic tests like have hands rise into the air as they move, or having hands stuck to their chairs. Blending details of environments, and story with questions that you ask the subject allows you to setup a feedback loop to take them into a deep state of hypnosis, or install commands with a story you are bring them through. When you start creating the story with them to give them commands you have begun using inclusion trances. META DATA DATA StartFragmentWhat is an inclusion trance?

Inclusion trances are an altered state of consciousness where a subject is disassociated from their surroundings, life events, identity, and associated into a timeline story identity. In that timeline the subject will recognize themselves through identity backstory, goals, and desires. All of this serves the subject by allowing them to demonstrate their personality in relationship to the identity assumed and take part in a story through interactions in context with both real and hypnotically guided tests, tasks, and experiences. EndFragment

What you should take away from this scripted example is that we are all in a constantly shifting altered state all the time. As an MC you learn to direct those states and craft experiences. Relational hypnosis works for me because so many of us have basic guidelines of how we relate to each other, how to treat authority figures, how to behave with lovers, and there are clear expectations on emotions, and actions that are permissible. There are also ideas about what is not good. As I share this information with you here you may already be getting ideas about how to work with subjects within these relational spaces. Be good to each other and whatever you do, leave them better off than when you found them.


Joseph W Crown

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