Erotic Hypnotic Transcript - Using Symbolic Morphology and Fractionation

In working on the new book I have been going back out into the field and engaging with new people to share an experience of trance and erotic hypnosis with. I have been attending meetups and munches in three states over the last few months. It takes time to develop what I want to explore, get volunteers lined up, and setup times to practice my art. I find that the moments that have worked best for me are those where I am relaxing in public and engaging in trance hijacking with prospective students and subjects. What you are about to read is a snippet of a transcript that I will be putting in the new book. This topic is focused on symbol fractionation and has sprinkles of power exchange commands throughout the erotic hypnosis. This experience is done in a corner of a courtyard just after a hypnosis meetup was over and people are walking past us occasionally. I'm open to thoughts, comments, and examples from others on their use of symbol fractionation in different contexts as well.

In this example I have done just a few brief exercises with someone I met at a hypnosis meetup. We have talked about mediation and trance and is not someone I have conditioned with hypnosis yet. This subject 's interests also included power exchange. I got her interested in how pleasure increases motivation to explore the world and opening oneself to these states of being allows us to be more authentic. Often society sends us conflicting messages about living life with too much or too little passion. Once a person begins seeking more joy in their life they tend to live it more optimistically and in more authentic ways. This is a person who stated to me that wants more passion in her life. This transcript borders on the erotic at times and it was done in an outdoor courtyard over drinks. You will see many opportunities for creating a more erotic trance should the reader wish to modify and use this. You will notice that I spend time on encouraging the subject to process relational aspects of this experience when sharing it with other people. My style takes on a relational perspective when working with others and when including these aspects for the subject to process I'm further extending the influence of the event in their life. My goal is to create as many pathways out to how someone lives their life so that I can bring elements of those aspects back to become pathways of trance. I’ve separated my goals into steps that I used with the subject. I’ve added notes to the transcript after to clarify gestures and posture.

Elicit an information about an emotional object, person, or an experience that you want to explore further with someone. State elicitation is just a matter of defining a state then having your subject elaborate on, and continue to describe their experience as you work with them.

“Passion is expressed differently in appropriate contexts. While that statement may be kind of dry let’s explore this before we get into the exercise. It can be sheer delight for doing an activity that you love. Like some of my friends tell me about their love of snowboarding. They get o the ski lifts and look across the mountains feeling their excitement build. They know that it’s not going to be easy, but they crave the experience of feeling their body move down that slope. I have friends who love what they do for work. They tell me that one cannot apply for a career. A career is something that is developed and calls to them. It is something that they feel defines their professional vision of themselves and they work to embody goals that further opportunities. There are passions between people that many would say is the foundation of what makes us fully alive. These passions allow us to imagine lives together and encourage us to be more than a worker bee, or apathetic traveler. Finding passion for another allows us to have a space to express ourselves in a way that we cannot do alone. Finally, passion itself can extend to something we love and seek to undertake. It is not easy. It is an activity that brings us both joy and pain. Ask any marathon runner and they will tell you about how it feels when they run. The motivation to get into that state of being was just part of shaping the experience for them. Consider all the ways you feel passion now. Think about all the passion you want. All the passion you feel you are capable of but for whatever reason have not expressed that potential yet. Now, if you were to take all your thoughts and feelings that you have for this passion, and bring them together for a moment. There is an energy to it. Allow your mind to represent all this passion as a color or symbol. First thing that comes to your mind. What would this be? The first thing that comes to mind.”

Okay.. Um, this doesn’t make sense but a circle with an arrow running through it.

“Look at your hands. I want you to imagine that symbol there and begin to pass it back and forth in your hands as if it was a ball. As you do this you can begin to sense the energy there. This symbol begins to transform into a color. As you continue to move you can begin to sense this energy in your body. This feeling begins somewhere and quickly moves. Keep passing the color and allow your mind to be aware of how this energy travels through you. Follow that path and describe it for me.”

Umm I guess it starts in my stomach and up to my chest. Maybe, to my face. I don’t know.

Manipulate the color or symbol while having the subject pay attention to the reaction in their body and your voice. Emphasizing that only good memories, only great feeling, and only wonderful thoughts move through the sensory filter of transition.

This is about exploring and being in the moment of the experience. Stay in the moment and analyze later. Okay?”


“Good. I want you to move the ball back and forth until you are balanced and centered in the moment. BE at peace and let me know when you are ready to follow along by saying yes. Until then just breath in and out and allow yourself to be present with that color and energy. Putting everything else on pause.” (We wait for a good twenty seconds.)


Have the symbol dissolve completely into color symbol, as it does the color grows bigger. When you have that investigate how it might feel.”

(The subject laughs.) My color feels like my freshly washed sheets. This is weird.

"Wonderful!. Now what it like when you compress it down. Make it concentrate itself into a pinpoint of intense light and color. Hold onto it because you can already feel like it wants to escape. It wants to expand again doesn’t it?”

Ha! Yes it does. This is so funny.

“I want you to put your hands together and picture that color settling and opening up through your palms. Allowing it the freedom to open up like a glowing orb warming your palms just a bit, and sending you comfortable sensation along your skin, through your hands. Tell me when you have that now.”

Yup. I can’t believe it.

“Allow that orb to move into your stomach fully. Stay aware of your body as sensations move you’re your stomach to your chest, then your face. Faster and faster. Take a breath and visualize that path. Let yourself smile as you relax and feel this playful energy of passion. (Subject smiles.) Notice what happens when the color of passion moves faster and faster. Over and over move over you. Tell me about what you are feeling.”

It feels like I’m getting the emotion. It’s like… I feel passion and happy. SO strange.

(I spend the next few minutes moving the orb and color through the subject’s body. I have it go to her shoulders, back to her hands, tell her the color is spreading out throughout her body. I move the color down to her right thigh, then her knee, then her foot, having her notice the swirls at the bottoms of her feet. Then I have her speed the color up as fast as it can go and ask her what it that like. How does this affect the color in her body? I go down the other side of her body having her pay attention to the growing sensations through out her body. As she notices that color all she can feel her body relax more. She can follow my voice more deeply into that color inside her. I ask her to slow down the color moving through her and describe how that feels.)

It slows down the feeling. I’m still very relax.

“Allow yourself to relax even more. We are going to explore some of the passions I mentioned, and we are going to use elements of passion that build you up. I am going to call to some of the best experiences of passion that you have felt, but you will not have to describe the experience itself. SO pick the juiciest and best experiences you have ever felt. Together we can build on them okay?”

Okay. Sure.

“Remember you don’t have to tell me about them, but I want you to bring the energy of those experiences into your senses, mind, and body. You ready?”


“Find the feeling of pleasure just before having an orgasm. Pick the best one you ever had. How did you feel it move through your body? Did it begin gradually or all of a sudden, was it intensely on you? Did you notice yourself shaking or was it slow and sensual?”

SO much sensation all at once. I… (Subject trails off but I can see she is associated so I continue. The exact description of everything is not needed.)

“If this feeling became a color, what would it be?”

Dark red and pink. (Almost no hesitation now. Perfect.)

“Where do you feel this feeling and color immediately in your body?”

My stomach and lower.

“That’s good. Perfect. Allow that color to move through you and become part of your passion. Notice the energy there. Is there more energy now?”


“Perfect. Become aware of how it moves through you. Notice how when it moves it builds up this stronger colored feeling… It is connects each part of you with more energy and pleasure. As it does that notice how your body relaxes even as the color and energy increases. What would happen if you took this colored feeling and made it brighter - more intense, and moved it all throughout your body?”

I feel it moving through my body and radiating out like heat.

“Now what happens when you take every bit of that color into your awareness… Intensify it… Double that feeling, and feel how that color soaks into you… Double it more and bring it quickly down to an intense point. Hold it there and feel it radiating and communicating… Allow it to move now, right to where you feel it the most. How does that feel?”

It feels good.

“Perfect. On a scale from one to ten tell me how that feels.”

It’s a 6.

“I want you to really relive that pleasure. Step into that experience of feeling your about to cum. Turn up every sense. Feel what you felt. Notice how your body responds. Hear what you heard. Notice how your body responds and softly and slowly share with me your best ‘Mmmm’ sound.”


“That’s perfect. Keep going and notice how you respond to those vibrations moving through your body. You want to bite your lip, or take a deeper breath as that color grows stronger and fuller inside you. Now imagine pleasure scale in your mind. See that number rising two points. Say Mmmmmm like you mean it. We are going to bring in more color, more energy, more sensation to every sense. Tell me Mmmmmmm.”


“That’s right. Keeping doing that like you are a cat purring. Focusing in on that pleasure scale. I will take it back to 6, now it’s 6..