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Hypnotic Lifestyle Workshop - Assemblage Point -

What does it take to experience life in a new way? Let's try a thought experiment and find out. It won't take too long and it only requires two things: your mind, and a selected idea. The Idea can be anything: a physical object, a person, or an abstract theory. It will simply by the anchor for your attention and focus for this exercise. Now, what is the most arresting and appealing idea that comes into your mind right now? Are you holding onto its representation inside your mind's eye? Write it down and turn over every detail of it for a moment.

Is the Idea a physical object? Is it something in your line of sight? Is it a concept that is relevant to your career or daily routine? Ponder what may surround this Idea and consider everything that it relies upon, comes in contact with, depends on it, or opposes it. Take some time to list and consider some of these points. Can you get a sense of how your chosen idea connects to the whole world in a relational web of direct and indirect connection?

Now, imagine how everything would change if, suddenly and without warning, this Idea ceased to exist. Everything you just listed and considered is gone. How would it be different? Can you follow the changes that would result in this relational web of your world?

Let's back up a bit now. What if your chosen Idea had not disappeared, but instead someone did nothing more than convince you that the idea no longer existed? Could you see the world differently? Welcome to your first lesson in state design.

Is asking someone to follow directions and capturing and leading their mind through a story enough to change what a person's mind deems important enough to act upon? If one chosen idea is removed or altered, is that enough to allow for all of a selected idea's interdependencies in a web of connection to collapse? In this workshop we will be designing mental states to better respond instead of reacting to what happens in specific contexts and in our daily routines. These are the defining forces that thrive through our expressive actions and bring excitement to our hearts and minds.

When you think of somebody who really wants something, who is the first person that is going to come to your mind? It is possible you thought of someone else, but for this workshop you have permission to put yourself first. The Assemblage Point Workshop begins by making you and your everyday states of being the focus in the interconnected web of life. I will be teaching state-control and helping you establish a balance point for yourself and for others. No experience is needed to begin working with techniques of hypnosis, trance, and mediation here. All of this is energy work that is shared and adapted to fit our lives as we work with these concepts, breaking through routine thoughts and states by concentrating on the intense realities of the moment and utilizing hypnotic skills in order build contextual states that set you apart.

This workshop, being held on October 21st to the 23rd, will go over language patterns, hypnotic skills, erotic hypnosis, anchoring, and creating heightened states for yourself and others. The workshop will be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, with the location to be determined. The event will be $350 if you book before September, and $400 from September 1st on, with a special rate for couples.

Please use my contact details below for additional details and to have your space held.



It is about to start. I'd like to show you what's going to happen. I'd like you to know what your future is pointed towards. Today, we begin with becoming the person who we will be tomorrow.

Joseph W Crown

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Seek with your passion and seek with your spirit. We are all unknowing seekers who bring with us stories that describe the past. To live with mind controllers you must be accepted as their tribe, learn their dance, and never forget that this is but another hat to wear. Subscribers of The Tao of The Crown, will be randomly offered goodies not released to the public.

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