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Looking for a few Good Reviewers for The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers

I'm seeking a few good mind controllers to read a Ebook version of the book and give it a review. To be considered you just have to do two things.

1. Go to the Joseph Crown page on Facebook and share your level of experience with hypnosis, trance, and mind control influence tatics.

2. Share what you want to do as your practice your mind control art. Photos and plans depicting world domination are bonus points for you. Just be PG13 friendly for the Facebook audience.


Joseph W Crown Enjoy your toys and give the gift of Mind Control to those deserving few. You can find The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers live on amazon at Paperback Version Seek with your passion and seek with your spirit. We are all unknowing seekers who bring with us stories describing the past. To live with mind controllers you must be accepted as their tribe, learn their dance, and never forget that this is but another hat to wear. Subscribers of The Tao of The Crown, will be randomly offered goodies not released to the public. Have you signed up?


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