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Will I lose credibility if I use a different name as a Hypnotist?

Let me start out by saying that author's have pen names. Performers have stage name's and some people just do not like their name. Some of us have experimented with using different names, creating new personalities and becoming a different person. This allowed us an opportunity to experiment on ourselves, to learn and grow with life. We can use these changes to develop a powerful rapport with living the way we want to feel. We can take it all to another level by tweaking our personalities and doing things just out of our comfort zone. Admit it. Studying more intensely before a test, preparing to give a presentation and practicing the delivery with jokes and energy isn't always easy. It takes work and often doesn't come together perfectly. This happens to be the way we naturally develop maturity and a solid character to interact with the world. So as we create our own adjustments in approach, delivery, and get feedback, we can better calibrate ourselves with life. If you feel better prepared to explore out from your familiar bubble by using a different name embrace it. Allow your work and your actions to speak on their own merit. Whatever you are not changing you are choosing as a descriptive characteristic for yourself.

Your credibility will be determined by what you do and less by your name. You may choose to have that alter ego focus on work that is highly stigmatized in communities and thus another name is often used to do the work. Someone who wants to work in stage hypnosis may wish to use a stage name so their daily job as a social worker doesn't mix together. As you pick your name think about how you might respond to it in a mixed crowd. Whatever name you pick imagine standing in line for for food or to get coffee. Someone from your day job calls out "Hey Joe!" The person behind you is referring to you as Master Crown and person giving you your coffee asks, "The usual Joe?" How do you feel about answering all these people? After some time work life will bump up against personal life. I'm always me. You can set boundaries and you can plan for how you want to interact with this alter ego.

There comes a point when you either embrace who and what you are, or condemn yourself to be miserable all your days. Other people will try to make you miserable; don’t help them by doing the job yourself. If you feel your better able to practice what matters to you as a hypnotist, Dom, author, or cartoon character, allow yourself the freedom to express yourself. Remove the perceived limitation and seek to do no harm. Be amazing. That is my take. Perhaps the community will have another opinion?

Joseph Crown

My work is created to interact with those that enjoy themes of hypnosis, influence, and power exchange. Please share them as appropriate. This brings others attracted to these themes into our circle. These words were created with passion, kindness, and appreciation in order to share what I enjoy with those of us seeking the right fit, together. That's just part of the benefit and pleasure of sharing. It also makes me happy. :>

Joseph W Crown Enjoy your toys and give the gift of Mind Control to those deserving few.

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Seek with your passion, and journey with a welcoming heart and grateful spirit. We are all unknowing seekers who bring with us stories describing the path we've tread. To live with mind controllers you must be accepted as their tribe, learn their dance, and never forget that this is but another hat to wear. You can find The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers live on amazon at Paperback Version

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