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Will I lose credibility if I use a different name as a Hypnotist?

Let me start out by saying that author's have pen names. Performers have stage name's and some people just do not like their name. Some of us have experimented with using different names, creating new personalities and becoming a different person. This allowed us an opportunity to experiment on ourselves, to learn and grow with life. We can use these changes to develop a powerful rapport with living the way we want to feel. We can take it all to another level by tweaking our personalities and doing things just out of our comfort zone. Admit it. Studying more intensely before a test, preparing to give a presentation and practicing the delivery with jokes and energy isn't always easy. It takes work and often doesn't come together perfectly. This happens to be the way we naturally develop maturity and a solid character to interact with the world. So as we create our own adjustments in approach, delivery, and get feedback, we can better calibrate ourselves with life. If you feel better prepared to explore out from your familiar bubble by using a different name embrace it. Allow your work and your actions to speak on their own merit. Whatever you are not changing you are choosing as a descriptive characteristic for yourself.

Your credibility will be determined by what you do and less by your name. You may choose to have that alter ego focus on work tha