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Highlighting Greg Bornstein, An Agent of Influence of 2022

This award has been bestowed on Greg Bornstein because of your continuing efforts to bring the most controversial, divisive, and original voices in hypnosis and NLP together on the podcast, "Open Loops with Greg Bornstein: Conversations That Bend." You're furthering the conversations about alternative and fringe perspectives, lifestyles, and taboos in a way that makes them relatable and approachable to the general public. You continue building a platform for the unconventional ideas and perspectives that make for a more well-rounded society. The show’s goal takes a hypnotic, psychological, and storytelling lens towards bridging one reality tunnel to another, as a way of seducing us into collective group trances that are larger than the ones we’re able to do on our own. It's conscious escapism for lifelong learners. Some of the most interesting things that I've learned are about ghosts, UFOS, polyamorous circus clowns, Derren Brown, and the psychology of what makes us tick I've learned from you. You continue building a platform for the unconventional ideas and perspectives that make for a more well-rounded society.

What you do is more important than you know. Typically, a vision is specific enough to provide real guidance to people, yet vague enough to encourage initiative and remain relevant under various conditions. Diverse voices can sing together. Different visions can be unified for the common good. A variety of visions can reveal a single goal and help create a stronger, more inclusive reality of our world. Please continue to encourage others to see through the perspective of the other whenever possible, because what you do has the power to make the world a kinder, more curious, and more innovative place. What you do holds space for the differences and highlighters where we come together. The world needs more people like you.

I look forward to what you create in the new year.

The 2022 Agent of Influence Awards for the Lifestyle Communities has begun! These awards a designed to celebrate and promote the contributions of individuals and organizations that contribute positively to arts and culture that bring out the best and kinkiest parts of being human.

Go to the article to find out more and nominate your candidate for this award.

Please nominate others because this is the community celebrating others who have made a difference in our lives

Joseph Crown

My work is geared toward those who enjoy hypnosis, influence, community development, advocacy, kink, and BDSM lifestyle power exchange themes. Much of my work is designed for people who seek to develop themselves with like-minded people and who don't want their future lifestyle and opportunities to be defined by others in mainstream culture. We live in a society that often gives us a very narrow idea of what's a good life. This is not that. This work was designed to bring people together from multiple communities and be shared as a community-driven entry point where people can come together and have positive experiences that can change them. Please share them as this brings others attracted to these themes into our circle. These words were created with passion, kindness, and appreciation to share what I enjoy with those of us seeking the right fit. That's just part of the benefit and pleasure of sharing. It also makes me happy. :> Seek the Tao of the Crown!

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Seek with your passion, and journey with a welcoming heart and grateful spirit. We are all unknowing seekers who bring with us stories describing the path we've tread. To live with mind controllers you must be accepted as their tribe, learn their dance, and never forget that this is but another hat to wear.

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