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Highlighting Kassie Lambert, An Agent of Influence of 2022

This award has been bestowed on Kassie Lambert, who goes by many names over the years in the Lifestyle, such as Stiflers Mom, Momma Kass, Agent of Influence, girlfriend, boyfriend, third, switch, Bi furious, boss lady, bouncer, teller of all wrongdoings, as well as a few uninvited names. For 2022 she holds the honor of receiving the greatest number of nominations from people from many lifestyle communities in Louisiana and the surrounding area. This is the story of a life-changing impact she's made on many of us, and it can only highlight some of the things she's done. Kassie is a role model of leadership in the lifestyle communities. Leadership is a privilege. Everything she does embodies this. When you are in a leadership role, your influence will affect the trajectory of people's engagement, passions, opportunities, careers, and the lives of many that we don't see. This is where the leader’s dilemma typically begins. Leaders especially hesitate to ask for their needs and prefer to be on the giving end. This is the perfect segway into the introduction to who Kassie is.

Kassie has created communities and spaces where people could be fully themselves. The people that nominated her spoke of how working with her in the lifestyle provided a source of social interactions, friendships, independence, a sense of accomplishment, acceptance, satisfaction, a reason to get up in the morning, happiness, a sense of identity, recognition, and respect. People shared how Kassie has listened, held their hair when they were sick, and provided a shoulder to cry on when they felt broken. Many spoke about her as a mentor. Kassie came out as Bisexual at 19 years old. She suffered from prejudice, hate, drama, and discrimination. Her response and how she dealt with it were commendable. Unfortunately, this experience was not much different from many other people coming out. Kassie sought to push back prejudice, help others in similar circumstances, and she is now a seasone