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The Art of Hypnotic Episodic Storytelling was Reviewed by Jonathan Royle

I'm honored to announce that Dr. Jonathan Royle, a distinguished figure in the realm of hypnosis and training, has reviewed my book, "The Art of Hypnotic Episodic Storytelling." His expertise lends immense credibility to this work, and I'm thrilled to have him pen a foreword for the book. Royle's unparalleled credentials, evident from his expansive Boot Camp and his upcoming course on Covert Hypnosis & Conversational Hypnotism, made me contemplate the timing of my book release.

Crafted from the vantage point of a Hypno Dom, this book introduces innovative techniques and tools seldom disclosed in the public domain. Every crafted story serves as a doorway to novel realms of understanding, building an enduring hypnotic legacy that influences many. Indeed, "The Art of Hypnotic Episodic Storytelling" is a book and a catalyst for a transformative discipline and artform, emphasizing the evolution of identity and story.

While I've often tailored my hypnotic materials for specific audiences, this training manual is designed for a broader readership. It offers a unique vocational training in hypnosis, equipping readers with skills seldom taught in traditional setups—like state proofing, hypnotic boundary systems, and time-activated commands.

Esteemed experts, including Dr. Jonathan Royle, Jim Kellner, Master Damien Atropa, and Kelly Colombel, have contributed to this book's foreword, elevating its stature in the field:

  • Dr. Royle's endorsement solidifies the efficacy of the Hypnotic Episodic Storytelling technique.

  • Jim Kellner's insights spotlight the significance of building profound connections.

  • Master Atropa's perspective, grounded in BDSM dynamics, underscores the book's versatile approach.

  • Kelly Colombel emphasizes the transformative power of the Constellation Experience Frameworks.

With their collective expertise, "The Art of Hypnotic Episodic Storytelling" stands as a cornerstone resource for those venturing into influential storytelling.

Dive into this profound exploration of crafting persuasive narratives by securing your copy of "The Art of Hypnotic Episodic Storytelling: Constellation Experience Frameworks." Available in all formats at:

I invite you all to check out Dr. Jonathan Royle and Paul Gutteridge's course below. The topics they bring up always send me down a rabbit hole of discovery. The course just came out and I'm not done reviewing it yet. Expect my review soon! Great stuff here!!

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Joseph Crown

My work is geared toward those who enjoy hypnosis, influence, community development, advocacy, kink, and BDSM lifestyle power exchange themes. Much of my work is designed for people who seek to develop themselves with like-minded people and don't want their future lifestyle and opportunities to be defined by others in mainstream culture. We live in a society that often gives us a very narrow idea of what's a good life. This is not that. This work was designed to bring people together from multiple communities and be shared as a community-driven entry point where people can come together and have positive experiences that can change them. Please share them, as this brings others attracted to these themes into our circle. These words were created with passion, kindness, and appreciation to share what I enjoy with those seeking the right fit. That's just part of the benefit and pleasure of sharing. It also makes me happy. :> Seek the Tao of the Crown!

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