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What would you use if your success depended on getting a stranger into trance?

This question was one I was asked today by two businessman well versed in NLP. They want to know what style of interaction I would depend on to get a 100% success rate. As I started to talk with them I had to admit that I had my favorite methods of trance induction that often began with conversational hypnosis and then lead into direct commands. I would start to talk about what them were doing doing with me, thinking about what the day holds, and what they might be planning in the future. I would be staying alert for what motivated them and what questions and themes absorbed them. As I did that I would enjoy taking that internal transderivational search I was inducing and describing a story that encapsulates these elements. My goal is not just to find the person's values and drives, it is to connect those elements into the story of their day and then into the story that connects to my day. This is the start of bringing someone into an inclusion trance state where the Mind Controller sets the frame up while assembling pieces in the foreground to capture and lead attention. This is my preferential style and I will be releasing a book on how to use inclusion trances to design lives. Not just your own life, but the lives of the people who are there asking you to take the lead.

I'd like to propose this question to all of you the same question. What is your preferential style of inducing trance and do you have the control to design a life worth living with your current level of skill?

Joseph W Crown

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