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Having trouble sleeping? Feeling the stress? This trance may make it better.

I had a pleasant surprise this morning from a fellow Tist and friend who shared with me a recording of one of my group sessions I did years ago. The recording I am going to share with you all was, I'm told, was recorded at Mountain Light Sanctuary in the North Carolina mountains. It is a peaceful and inclusive place that gave us freedom to explore trance, nature, and each other. If you have ever had the experience of trying to remember what you said at a party fifteen or so years ago you'll understand my experience listening to myself here. I kind of remember that eight or so people were laying on mats as I began and then about forty minutes in another wave of people came to lay down with their mats. This recording was recorded on cassette tape and happily digitized. It is about one hour long and the last ten seconds had to be recorded again later. You can hear the sound change and I hear the smile in my voice when I say, "at the sound of the click... you'll wake up." That was the end of recording time on one side of the cassette.

I've included a link to the file here. This trance was one intended to align a person with their surroundings, melt away stress and tension, warm appreciation for what is important to each person, and improve how you may talk with yourself. If you have never experienced trance or hypnosis before you may be wondering what it feels like. Hypnosis and down time trance experiences feel different to different people. When I say downtime trances I'm referring to experiences like meditation and even coloring a picture. Your conscious mind is relaxing as your thoughts go quiet and your subconscious mind is stimulated and responding. The feelings that this can inspire is relaxation, calm, and a sense of dreamy travels. The experience of trance feels vaguely familiar to countless other moments in your life where you were absorbed in a zone, lost in thought, enthralled by bliss, or perhaps simply meditating. For some people, the sensations they might experience are their arms and legs become heavier as they relax deeper. Others report the sensation of weightlessness as the conscious mind awakens to the journey. Amazing things happen when you trance to relax on purpose. You should notice that your breathing slows down as your muscles become relaxed. There is this sense of distance from where you are; the passage of time gets distorted and often you feel a pleasant, almost euphoric state of peace. You feel better, even if it's just a little at first. It works only if you agree to let it happen. So, perhaps you are now getting a bit more curious about taking a journey and exploring trance with me today. Besides sleep is just another process that is activated by your subconscious mind. If it were any other way every person in the world at one point or another would have succeeded in attempting to will themselves into a deep slumber.

When you are ready put on some headphones or put this on a speaker where you can enjoy the snowy white noise of wind and rain in the background. Let me voice take care of all the rest. Allow yourself to sleep after, during, or simply listen to a time and place that is only alive in the imagination now. If you have sleep mode on your phone I suggest you use it. This file is one hour, two minutes, and five seconds that you have a good chance or not remembering if you use it to go to sleep with. Dear reader, and listener, I wish you good night, goodnight! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I could say goodnight until the morrow.

Joseph Crown

My work is created to interact with those that enjoy themes of hypnosis, influence, and power exchange. Please share them as this brings others attracted to these themes into our circle. These words were created with passion, kindness, and appreciation in order to share what I enjoy with those seeking the right fit, together. That's just part of the benefit and pleasure of sharing. It also makes me happy. :> Seek the Tao of the Crown!

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