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What’s a Hypnotic trigger and how do I work with them?

I received this email and thought this would be a good topic to share with my group and to explore how others will answer this question. I received the email below on triggers and what follows is my answer. I look forward to hearing how my fellow Hypnotist’s and MC’s would respond as well.

Hi Master Crown

I bought your book and I’m hoping you cam help me. I'm very new to being a Tist and being a Hypno Dom. I just start got your book and I’m skipping all around. I just acquired a new and enthusiastic subject that I want to assign some triggers to, but I I want to be sure I understand them before starting this process with the sub. I haven't really been able to get anchors or anything to stick. What is the best way to install a trigger? Does it depend on the type of trigger (ie is installing a drop trigger different from installing an arousal trigger)? I'm having a lot of fun as I learn and I look forward to learning more. So thanks in advance for the advice. Your scripts are amazing!


Below is my reply.

Hello Xxxx,

Be sure you understand a concept well enough that you can perform the steps on yourself and have an effect. If you cannot perform anchoring and notice an effect as you are performing the exercises, you are doing something wrong. Ensure that you write things down step by step and perform them exactly as you wrote them. This will ensure that someone can help you on the step and affect that is being misapplied. I strongly recommend you practice anchoring, triggers, post hypnotic commands on yourself first. You cannot fully ask for consent for someone else unless you know where efforts are leading and what effects you will be eliciting from your sub. All my assumptions this far include that you have no trouble getting rapport, establishing authority, and setting up a practice environment to be as safe as you can make it. That may be merely stating that all hypnotic commands fall away and fade as soon as they leave the room, for example.

There is an exercise in Instruction of the Hypno Dom that will run you through anchoring on your own hand. It will teach you to set anchors, stacks anchors, and collapse them. Don’t worry if you do not know what that means at this moment. Read the book and practice what you are learning. If you are reading over my scripts in the book be sure you understand where the commands are and recognize that they are not magic spells. If you want the best result from them, you will have to personalize what is there to utilize the trance words that the subject uses and the effects you both enjoy.

When you say hypnotic trigger, I am assuming you are attempting to utilize the trigger while the sub is hypnotized in front of you and not after leaving your presence. A trigger tends to happen when the subject is in a trance and can be used to bring them back into trance. A post hypnotic command is given for the purposes of having something happen explicitly when they are out of the hypnotic trance in front of you. Many of us practice Street Hypnosis, Stage Hypnosis, Conversational Hypnosis, and Hypnotherapy. So some of these terms can be used interchangeably and people pass on errors of terminology all the time. A stage performer will utilize similar mechanisms for establishing triggers during a session that any other Tist could utilize, but the expectations and outcome is different. Ensure you are not practicing therapy or attempting to fix people as you progress. Do only what you asked the subject to consent for and know you are capable of doing.

Now that some of the background information and warning are out of the way, I’ll address what is at the heart of your message.

  1. Test that your subject is deep enough, and make sure they have no distractions. I suggest you explore the Elman induction in Instruction of the Hypno Dom. The Elman induction has an established format that makes it easy to learn. Each stage of the induction has its own test for depth of trance and established hypnotic deepeners to progress the state. These hypnotic tests offer clear and measurable behavioral outcomes that provides reassurance and feedback for the Hypnotist during the induction.

  2. Where it makes sense, you can connect the desired outcome of a trigger to a concrete memory or experience and bring the emotion with it. This process would be called an affect bridge. Be sure you're not going to have the sub focus on something that will upset the person, or a traumatic memory. Stay clear of anything like this and keep it simple. Say you were going to install a trigger to have someone who likes being spanked feel that sensation when you say a certain word. You could bring them into that experience in un trance and link the phrase (the trigger) to the stimulus (the emotion and sensations within that experience) and then repeatedly associate it and test it. Repeat it and test it while the sub is in trance. Once they can produce the effect automatically and quickly count them up from trance and test it again. Be ready with immediate reinforcing language, aka feedback, and command phrasing that supports the desired goal. For example, if I were to install a trigger to have someone become a living doll, and this was the first time I was using it, I would likely say something like this. "Perfect. That's right. You can feel your body has become impossible to move… It has been completely frozen like a doll… when I use the phrase Master Crown’s smiling pancakes you transform from a person to a doll… I say it now and you become a doll… dropping deeply into trance… deeper than ever before… and notice how that feeling becomes so much more powerful as you hear me say Master Crown’s smiling pancakes again… taken deeper than ever before… here you a made to serve… made to pose… etc” These are examples that you may decide to use, but you have to be able to understand the concepts in order to put them together. You will find many more examples of how I do this in the book. Notice the phrase I choose for the trigger is one that is not casually going to be said in conversation. Find a phrase like this or use mine, and I will be happy that my smiling pancakes are a global trigger for passion and fun. Trance states are happening all the time for us, and the more we practice a state the more capable we are at operating within it.

Now let’s go over the process to establish a trigger. There are five steps to establishing a lasting hypnotic trigger in this exercise.

  1. Consenting to a stimulus and setting the stimulus

  2. Knowing how to respond to the stimulus ( Description set by Tist )

  3. Accepting the response as the natural way to react to the stimulus

  4. Testing the stimulus to ensure no conflicts

  5. Adapting the stimulus to fit with a motivational strategy

Pairing a stimulus with a motivational stimulus works best with triggers that you want to have stick around. With an ready and willing sub, you can achieve all of the above just by discussing the trigger with them and getting consent that you both want it.

At times you may need to work on the third step because it might feel awkward as if they feel they're playing along to the stimulus at first. The goal comes through the training that establishing the conditioning process as something automatic and works with subconscious response quickly and easily. The more the sub engages in routine practice responding immediately to the stimulus, the more automatic the stimulus will become.

Step two may be a process you revisit several times if you begin to engage in state proofing. State proofing is the sustained conditioning necessary to have a subject maintain the desired state while performing a variety of tasks. It’s about conditioning the subject and the subconscious to work together during high functioning tasks and the many possible distractions. Developing resources to do this takes time and will exponentially increase trance depth practiced in order to accomplish this. For example, what might begin as staying in state while there is a conversation in front of the subject, may build to talking at the person, trying to tickle them, pinching them lightly, and so on. If the action is not something the subject does normally make sure they can do the action reasonably well while in trance. For example, a popular command in erotic hypnosis is to feel increased sexual arousal, which isn't exactly something most people outside of this field of study can communicate just by wanting to. To begin with this trigger you want to build on a past memory, experience, or description that gets the sub turned on so their mind knows the outcome you are seeking to intensify and guide.

So I’ll recommend you begin thinking about simple triggers that make sense to you and your subject. I will provide some examples you can use that tend to be context free like hands sticking together, standing up and sitting dow, leaning in or away, or eyes stuck or blinking. During practice sessions you also add a time limit so a trigger may last till the end of the week or even the end of the day so that the sub can explore and anticipate that response. If the sub finds she really likes one of these time release triggers you simply test for and reestablish the trigger the next time you get together.

How you deliver a trigger to a sub would go something like what follows. “When I touch your nose you will giggle for five seconds but be unsure what is so funny” You don’t need to be a genius to come up with ideas that will make subs swoon at the control you have. Here are a few more ideas for you to try out.

“When I say the word poppycock you will flap your arms up and down twice and suddenly feel really happy.”

“When you see a blue ribbon you will twirl in a circle three times.”

“When you smell cinnamon you will suck your thumb for a minute and you will feel comfortable and loved.”

“When I lick my lips you will clap three times and get really excited.”

“In two minute, you will tell me you love me, and you will tell me you love me every two minutes, until you hear the clock chime.”

Remember that as you set these triggers to ensure that no one else can set them off accidently. Utilize this advice and be sure that no active triggers can be used by anyone, anywhere, that does not have permission to do so. Limit any trigger and tailor it to who can use it, when it will take effect, how long will the effect last, set boundaries for when the trigger or effect(s) will NOT work (such as when driving a vehicle, in public, etc.), and develop a reset rate for how long an effect will cease to function before resuming again. Anyone who has taken part in yoga, meditation, trance, hypnosis, biofeedback, religious ceremonies, and therapy has undergone entrainment conditioning. What we are doing as Hypno Doms, MCs, and Erotic Hypnotists, is utilizing a variety of environmental, psychological, and culturally based techniques to create experiences that develop our subjects. State entrainment is the act of relational operationalization that you condition the subject to function in. There can be more than one state that is used for development and operationalizing of the subject. States like thirsting desire, submission, absolute love, belonging, and more! Operationalizing is the mindset (attitudes, guidelines, and context), skills, and awareness that you are conditioning your subject to function in. A variety of techniques, props, and methods can be used to facilitate the subject getting into these desired states. As you can see here one hypnotic concept flows in to another and how we live and react too. Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Your plan will design how fast the flow moves so be sure you take into account where you may want to go next.

Joseph Crown

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