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The Constellation Experience Train the Trainer Certification events March 11th and 18th

I will be doing a training certification event for The Constellation Experience (CE) on March 11th and 18th. This training will be for individuals and organizations interested in running CE events.

The Constellation Experience is designed as a self-contained dialoguing and journaling workshop, where participants express their innermost selves through storytelling, dialogue, answering community questions, and self-reflection. Facilitators will be trained to run groups and will be asked a question that each person will answer, and if comfortable, each person will share the answer to the question. Questions are often like turn-based adventures. Hearing how, why, and what’s important about how someone approached their action tells you a lot about their life and what’s important to them. It also helps you explore the values and strategy you live by and determine what's important to you. This process is a powerful and cathartic experience that brings new insight and life to how we do what we do and creates a sense of community around what matters to each of us.