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How do you define a meaningful connection?

How do you define a meaningful connection? We all talk about finding one, maintaining one, and missing some. Today I talked with a friend who was not doing so well and set out to define it. I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued. Where there is a strong connection one can give and receive without judgment; and everyone derives sustenance and strength from the relationship. What about you? What are your thoughts?

When you find someone who can make you laugh. Smile. Grow. lust. Want. Crave. Feel. Make you mad but happy. Keep that. That’s euphoria.

My posts and work are created to interact with those that enjoy themes of hypnosis, influence, and power exchange. Please share them as this brings others attracted to these themes closer to us. They are created with passion to bring those of us with the right fit together. That's just part of the benefit and pleasure of sharing. It also makes me happy. :>

Joseph W Crown Enjoy your toys and give the gift of Mind Control to those deserving few. You can find The Tao of Relationship Maintenance for Mind Controllers live on amazon at Paperback Version Seek with your passion, and journey with a welcoming heart and grateful spirit. We are all unknowing seekers who bring with us stories describing the path we've tread. To live with mind controllers you must be accepted as their tribe, learn their dance, and never forget that this is but another hat to wear.

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