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Is there more than one type of orgasm I could be conditioning?

No one comes with an instruction manual, but learning about the possible responses a woman is capable of producing is more than the average woman knows. Most woman can name and differentiate parts of their body, but physical education is inadequate in many parts of the world. Tell a woman that she can have more than one type of orgasm when she’s still figuring out how to consistently achieve one will undoubtedly get you a raised eyebrow matched with some disbelief. This post will go over some of the different types of orgasm that a woman can achieve. This knowledge is will help guide you in guiding your subject and developing these orgasms through your conditioning efforts.

Clitoral Orgasm

It’s like 60% of the people you’ll meet saw the same sex education video. They’ll tell you that the clit is the only organ that functions purely for a woman’s pleasure, but that's not true. I’d argue that pleasure and sensation are not the same thing. If a woman isn’t turned on any clitoral stimulation may not feel good at all. Every clit is attached to a woman who will have preferences about the kinds of clitoral stimulation she wants. Being so easily accessed the clit is the easiest and often the fastest orgasm to achieve. Light, circular touches using a finger, tongue, moderately squeezing the clit, or sex toy applied directly to the clitoris will get the job done. A clitoral orgasm is described as feeling like a surge of pleasure emanating from the vagina, and is accompanied by involuntary pelvic contractions. Everyone’s orgasm may be described slightly different, but the feeling is powerful and unmistakable. Ensure you listen to her about her descriptions of sensations and preferences. Encourage masturbation to keep her sex drive high and for self-discovery of her body’s preferences and potential.

Vaginal Orgasm

When most people think of a woman having an orgasm, they assume it’s a vaginal orgasm. For some more reserved women, this orgasm might be the only one they know. It’s unfortunate that vaginal orgasms tend to be one of the most difficult orgasm types to achieve and mental stimulation assists with this. Simple penetration does always stimulate the famous G spot alone, and first time vaginal orgasms can be perceived as uncomfortable until a woman feels comfortable with these new sensations and has more. A woman’s G-Spot is located about two inches inside the vagina, on the anterior wall. If you have your subject laying on her back, simply slide two fingers in to explore the top of her anterior wall. When you place your fingers inside move them back and forth in a come-hither motion. You should feel for a curve with a bumpy surface. Once you found it you’ve hit the spot. Many women say they’ve never experienced a G-Spot orgasm, and that makes sense. For many women, it can take about 7-30 minutes of stimulation to this area to bring on these orgasms. That amount of times requires stamina and patience for all partners involved.

There are different positions that can stimulate this area such as standing, kneeling, sitting, being taken from behind, or from the side. Compared to the predictable climb and descent of clitoral orgasms, G-Spot orgasms feel more like waves that keep cycling through a woman. Surges of pleasure spread out throughout a woman’s body. Let’s move our focus onto the cervical orgasm which is a Taoist reflexology point connecting to the heart. This Anterior Fornix Erogenous zone, or the A-Spot, is the start of an energy pathway that leads up to the crown chakra, which is connected to the vagus nerve, often referred to as the “spiritual nerve.”

Women sometimes dismiss cervical stimulation as being pleasurable because it can feel uncomfortable at first touch. It's best to warm up your subject with some other sexual positions first and then ease into cervical stimulation. Cervical stimulation is literally just rubbing up against the cervix. As you do this feel for a somewhat soft, doughnut-shaped circle of tissue at the very farthest-inward point of the vagina. It sort of feels like a little cap on the end of the canal. Go slow and experiment with different degrees of pressure. Stimulation inside the vagina is about pressure, not nerves. To stimulate the cervix and A Spot use positions like the missionary with a woman’s legs up over her shoulders, doggie style, and a very long, girthy dildo work great.

Anal Orgasm

The anal orgasm or the backdoor to stimulating her G-Spot. Like the G-Spot stimulation above, the anal orgasm is something every woman can achieve once they can relax and enjoy the sensations. Sensations from the anus, the rectum, the G-spot, and the A Spot. All that stigma about how women don’t like anal is decidedly untrue. Of course, not every woman enjoys anal, but for those women who love it, this news may ring her bell! There’s a pressure stimulated pleasure zone here because the rhythmic penetrative activity activates the A-Spot directly. The anal A-Spot stimulation happens because of its location which is essentially resting against the rectum within the body. Surprise!

Men also have different types of orgasm. It is only because of limitations of space that I am not providing them here. It was a difficult choice but I expect that a man will train his subject on what pleases him. That includes the pressure points that your subject can press to slow down and push off your climax. You have to educate yourself on what pleases you, and what you are capable of before you can teach a partner. Today this serves as a teaser for my new book, Instruction of The Hypno Dom, A Master slave Lifestyle Development Training on Erotic and Authoritarian Hypnosis. Get the book and learn where to go from here.

Joseph Crown

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