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A Hypno Dom's Consensual Mind Control Party Plan

The post is a celebration of experiential mindfulness in our lives and play with one another. This draft is designed to assist you in creating a service oriented hypnotic play party in which several people have been consensually conditioned into being perfect mindless obedient party servants and/or ornaments. This post explores an actionable plan to enjoy power exchange, brainwashing play, and mind control play in a task oriented party plan. This post will be my first teaser for the extras I will begin attaching to the Kindle edition of my new book, Instruction of The Hypno Dom: A Master/slave Lifestyle Development Training on Erotic and Authoritarian Hypnosis. You can get it live on amazon at

Step One: Choose your MC party theme and your crew.

It’s your party, so you can eat pie if you want to. A classic dinner party is the favored example of high protocol and hierarchical display of etiquette and Masterful manners. The performance duties of those who serve will also set the stage for the volunteers you’re likely to get should you decide to do this on an ongoing basis. Should you choose a dinner party the themes decided upon does not have to end there. Formal black tie dinner and masquerade party is something most of us can get behind easily. Planning out the flow of the party after you have your themes is important. Is there going to be one main dinner with everyone being served meals at the same time? Do you want your guests to show up to dinner in scheduled groups? Do you have scheduled cocktail or mocktails events? Are there going to be specialty rooms where there are rules applied for all, such as blindfolds upon entering and each is paired with a service sub who assists the person as their eyes or more?

Do you want an “Eyes Wide Shut” styled Venetian orgy in another room? Do you want a Roman toga bacchanal? A gaming event that will provide chips for a service companion auction for an hour or the night? Mind control pleasure drone room? A room that allows one or more person at a time to experience being a King, Queen, Guru, or celebrity entering a room of their desiring subjects and fans for 30 min time? Let your imagination wander and choose a flow that works with your theme. Schedule the night out and roles for each space. You will be creating plans and agendas for performances for volunteers that suits everyone’s interests here. Then matching those interests with venue so you can prepare, practice, and put on a show. This experience is a two part show. One is preparing to intake and train others after they volunteer, and the next is getting the space and agendas ready for the volunteers to provide a thematic and entertaining experience for those who attend the event. Remember what makes this part a hypnotic and MC party is part of the subjects onboarding includes the elements of hypnotic/brainwashing processing that gets them fit into their roles. So the crew that you choose to assist you in putting this together must have the skills required for hypnotic training, role specific knowledge to connect service goals with hypnotic performance, and logistics of planning performances throughout service areas. There will likely be a need to have one or more event hosts during this event that ensures flow from one space to another and will answer questions. How big or small you make this party is up to you.

Step Two: choose a venue

I like a venue where all participants may arrive casually dressed, and then switch outfits for their role and preference, or not be dressed to fit the role and function of their duties. After sometime of seeing naked people I have come to the conclusion that it is clothes themselves that have become a socially accepted fetish item. People obsess over designers, style, fit, color, material, and how it emphasizes the body the clothes are on. It’s also fun to have a hose off area for subjects. This is something you may do after a day at the beach as sand get’s stuck between your toes, but here someone somehow always gets food all over themselves. It doesn’t matter if its intentional or an accident that happened during cleanup. Few venues have enough showers and restrooms to quickly accommodate guests and these moments of cleanup for the servers. I have found that these cleanup moments outside make another great opportunity for guests to spray subs down to optimal cleanliness.

During the onboarding and practice portion of this event you’ll want separate area for the servants to be “broken in,” so to speak. The servants can arrive several hours early for training, testing, and retraining if necessary. The training area should be large enough and have access to audio/visual equipment if needed for the hypnotic and mind control exercises. Then those exercises should be connected to performing tasks appropriate for the roles undertaken for the live event. Those practice sessions should happen over and over. This time is used to drill for the event and utilize state conditioning training to streamline performance and desired experience.

You will also want to everyone aware of points of contact to ask for assistance, get questions answered, and have easily distinguishable features between guests and volunteers.

Step Three: Reach out for volunteers.

I prefer to ask for a bio and speak with each person before assigning them a role. Having roles ready, event agenda, and scheduled flow of events through the night allows the prospective volunteer to get a good understanding of what they are signing up for. For example, think about cooking dinner for a moment. There are preparations to be made before you even begin cooking. There are items you need to cook those dishes according to recipes and there are items like plates, forks, clean up for the kitchen, and items that the main table will need to be dressed with for eating. This does not even mention clean up or listing out ingredients in foods so anyone can inspect them for potential food allergies and dietary restrictions.

You’ll want people who have an interest in mind control, hypnosis, and BDSM. Specific desires to be furniture or obey mindlessly should be noted for commands later and use. Ideally, all participants should have an understanding of consent, BDSM, D/s or M/s lifestyles, and erotic hypnosis. Time should be spent going over these topics with volunteers and guest, as well as any codes written on volunteers. For example, the word stool written on an arm would denote this volunteer has a desire to be utilized as human furniture and could be utilized as a stool. Follow the protocol to know if the volunteer is able to serve in that function at this time and consenting to this use with you.

Expect to train volunteers in hypnotic skills, basic knowledge of the topics covered, how to speak to guests, ask for assistance, and expectations of attendance. This is an event that thrives on performance as an art and service to one another is no different. If someone has a desire to be mindlessly stripped and taken by android until they become an android themselves, then you might set out to make that happen. If someone wants to be “kidnapped” and forced into brainwashing against their will you may wish to have a signup sheet or event have the willing victim choose the people through a lineup. You can have this moment be present tense and after the perpetrators are identified and chosen the flash back to the programming performance begins. Aftercare and deprogramming will all need to be agreed to before and stated again before the performance. If someone has a Cthulhu fantasy just burning to be fulfilled considered recycling props like a Jell-O kiddie pool for wrestling later.

Step Four: Establish the consent, education, negotiation, and assistance expectations

Have a plan worked out about how to educate volunteers and guests. You will want to be sure to talk about this with everyone who submits an application to attend or volunteer to be part of the event. The volunteers will need to go into more detail as to what they want or don’t want. Those wants for hypnotic sessions are talked through and written down, and the wants to experience at the event can be written on an armband or their body. All the volunteers must be able to explain the protocol and process for giving consent and taking part in any action. If they cannot then they should not have any part in this event. Questions that could be asked are stated limits, willing to submit to and serve all genders, limits with respect to punishment or desire for pain/impact play?

Some of this might be driven by the theme you’ve selected for the event, but events can take on a life of their own when everyone is enjoying themselves. Decide if you would like room monitors and hosts to ensure that event has someone ensuring that someone coming early or late gets the same information and updates for the event, easy access to someone to ask questions or ask for assistance.

Step Five: Scheduled practice sessions

I prefer having a time for volunteers to come in all together to go over everything and choose one or a few volunteers to be your leads. Leads are people who can model mastery level skills and can assist you in correcting posture, placement, or anything else that is not right. Depending on the scale of your event you may need more than one day for this, or you could accomplish this in a few hours before the event.

When practice is complete bring the volunteers into the event rooms and test how they are performing their duties. Are they in the proper state of mind, displaying the proper behavior, responding to cues, and able to reply to questions posed by a guest? If they need more time to practice send them back to continue their intensive programming until guests arrive, or they are otherwise needed. If a volunteer cannot perform in that role they should not be utilized in that role. If assistance is needed they may be paired with another volunteer if both agree. Agreeing to play by the rules and agreeing to break the rules at a set time so that public reconditioning can happen has its appeal for many people. If a volunteer “breaks the conditioning,” have a policy to send them back for training or home. For some people, this “reconditioning” will be the best part of the event. You know who you are. You might even consider a volunteer dressed as a guest that protests and gets pulled along to reconditioning. Just make sure the guest is marked as a volunteer in some way.

Step Six: Parting gifts

This obviously depends on the theme but I enjoy giving out pins, performance awards, personal invitations for training, invitations for private networking events, and event cards that are all business card sized. If you have been to one of my parties you have likely gotten one of these items or more. Each person that leaves should be thanked, deprogrammed if need be, and offered a long hug for additional aftercare if need be. These days people seem to like sending out a survey about their experience. If you are going to send out surveys inform people at your parting debrief or ask them to fill one out before leaving. When you leave there is usually no re-admittance.

There will always be an area designated for smoking and cell phone use outside. Cell phone use is the new smoking section because many people have one reason or another to check in on the everyday world. I find it best to have a no-phone policy in most cases. People can go outside and look at their phone as they need to and the world inside the event will not be disturbed by the electronic lights and sounds that isn’t part of the official programming.

Step Seven: Thoughtful Consideration leads to what is coming next

Use this time to have volunteer opportunities, feedback sessions, and anything you are seeking to get the community involved with. The people that attend these events are your audience. Make sure you think thought and try out everything before your opening night. Have fun!

Have a better plan than this? Reach out and let me know what it is.

Here’s a bit about me. My work is created to interact with those that enjoy themes of hypnosis, influence, and power exchange. Please share them as appropriate. This brings others attracted to these themes into our circle. These words were created with passion, kindness, and appreciation in order to share what I enjoy with those of us seeking the right fit, together. That's just part of the benefit and pleasure of sharing. It also makes me happy. :>

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