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General Traits of Bimbofication

The next project has commenced and I am now writing, Bimbofication: A Behavioral Modification Process of Identification and Trait Development. I mentioned this earlier today and got several questions about being a subject or contributing content.

I now have a list if you are interested in being a contributing subject for this book and project. If you want to add your name to the list reach out with your request and a short bio, including talents, quirky facts, and fun things that may tempt me your way. If you are working with a Tist along these lines please invite them to reach out.

If you are a Tist, MC, or Operator and wish to share your talents and have the chance to have some of them showcased in the project please share some useful info. I suggest a short bio, including talents, quirky facts, transcripts, what you want to share, and fun things that may tempt me your way.

Now to the good the stuff, the content. Below you will find a draft of a snippet that was freshly finished in the project. Did I miss any traits and respective descriptions of the Bimbo that you would have included? Let me know and enjoy it!

Let's begin...

For some, the love and creation of beauty is the purpose and meaning of life itself. Beauty can change how people act. People act differently around beautiful things and people. At every level of the human experience, people are looking for the beautiful. Those attractive qualities gives clarity and priority to our heart and mind, and pleases us beyond our physical needs. We all yearn to commune with the beautiful, natural, and crave the inspiring. So that’s why the starting point for building our bimbo focuses on the body. Beauty begets beauty. Let’s explore

The Bimbo Body

What follows is the geography of the body of a bimbo and you will typically see these physical traits and items worn that can be found emphasized in memes, media, and fashion, and celebrity writeups. Many of these features are culturally dependent and individual preferences differ even between twins so don’t be afraid to talk about what you like. There will be differences between male and female form and this list below will focus primarily on the female with some contrasting male features.

  • Slightly suntanned smooth skin and there is a preference for white skin. This preference of skin tone is culturally dependent but tends to be prevalent for reasons good and bad across the globe.

  • Narrower facial shape

  • Fuller lips for women and thinner but full lips for men

  • Darker, defined or sculpted eyebrows

  • Longer and darker lashes

  • Higher cheekbones for both women and men

  • Narrower nose for both women and men

  • Medium to larger breasts

  • Medium-sized or toned butt for both women and men

  • Styled hair for both women and men

  • Blonde hair for women and darker hair for men. (I tend to prefer dark hair in women.)

  • Heavy makeup for women and lighter makeup for men unless they are being trained to be a woman. (I often prefer no to minimum makeup as I like features highlighted but not painted.)

  • Slutty and charismatic clothes are items that many like to dress their bimbo or himbo up like a doll. Preferences here depend largely on the relationship dynamic shared and the activities everyone enjoys having managed for them.

  • No panties and playing with underwear chosen by companies to be the opposite gender are popular themes. For women, underwear may be a monthly convenience for their period, a garment chosen for one night or long-term scene play, or an association trigger like latex panties or bodysuit to transition in and out of their role.

  • Surrounding oneself with pink is a link to transitioning to a hyperfeminine role and association with the emotions that could inspire confidence, pride, comfort, arousal, and much more! The color associated with femininity in the United States is pink, but in many other countries yellow is the most feminine color so have her chose her bimbo uniform with attention to which one you like best.

  • Tattoos can be more than a tramp stamp and an MC, HD, and can also be a permeant tattoo ban so that image of purity is preserved. Tattoos can be a sign of beauty, but they are also a mark of stigma to some. The use of tattoos has been identified as a means to tell stories and to ‘speak’ to others about the values and identity of the bearer. Tattoos are kind of like sex. The first time, you want it to be meaningful but once you’re in the double digits, you’ll settle for what makes you laugh. Do what you feel most comfortable with here as there are no expectations that a bimbo must have one or more tattoos. You will see them on many bimbos you meet, because our ideas can work as an identity. Some are more motivated than others to leave a mark.

  • Piercings are not a given for every bimbo but they are utilized as a mark of hypersexuality, slavish adornment, and objectification by some. Piercings are a way to enhance beauty and visual appeal, but also may serve an important social function as markers of wealth, class, race, and gender around the globe. Eyebrow, ear, ala of the nose, tongue, cheek, lip, tongue, nipple, navel, and genitals are the areas of piercing and are decorated with an ornament for fashion’s sake or chosen expression. Tattoos and piercings have now become just another kind of accessorizing for many. What was once a statement about being wild, (sub)cultural identification, and alternative has been commercialized into just another fashion trend for many in the US. Many people still make negative value judgments about people with piercings — especially girls and women. Do what you feel most comfortable with here as there are no expectations that a bimbo must be pierced.

Is there something that you think should be here that isn’t? Okay, a question to think about. Can bimbos be heroes too? Isn’t Bruce Wayne playing a Himbo? And Clark Kent so innocent and making up stories where he is the strongest unbeatable man there is. Harley Quinn is as much a bimbo but just embraced the reverse of these last two heroes. Harley is a Ph.D. who was originally envisioned as the “smart girl” with a bad boyfriend trope for a hangup. Harley can shift into bimbo mode to live impulsively and has the superpower of turning the characters who interact with her into idiots. It is an implicit superpower, like the Joker’s odd immortality within the Batman universe. Many men and women enjoy trying to put Harley and those like her in her place. There is a phrase female chauvinist pigs (FCP) which you should know. FCP has been used to describe women who publicly disdain “bimbos” yet use them for their entertainment and profit. There just may be a sweet sadist subtlety enjoying the fruits of shaping these thirty tarts into bimbos to humiliate by putting them in their place, tease, and enjoy more liberally behind closed doors.

The seventeenth-century philosopher Nicolas Malebranche described women as 'feeble-minded', 'stupid', and ‘weak’ (he attributes these problems to women's soggy brain fibers). The philosopher Kant argued that women should be beautiful, not Sublime. There is more than enough of this drivel to establish confirmation bias on practically any sentiment as any flat earther can tell you. Still, there is something about whispering in a woman’s ear and observing the blush starting near the tips of her toes and sliding up. Seeing her forgot what we were talking about, and everything just falling out of her brain – It’s like her mind recognizes me, opens up wide, to show me she’s there wide open for me. Her brain comes to accept that it had nothing to do with this desire that is buoying her in a seductive tide. I want you to underline this next sentence as significant and having the potential to change the path a person believes they are standing on. As every single word is accepted by her mind as a fact, and now her mind is working to make that picture a reality, because it’s such a vivid descriptive image, the mind has an easier job of it. Let’s touch on the general characteristics of the bimbo mindset.

The Bimbo Mindset

The bimbo mindset is not only the way that a bimbo thinks, or rather, doesn’t think, but the attitudes and values that delight us as they fall from her lips. Every one of us will have different ideas on what this should look like, but I’ll share just a few examples to get you thinking and talking about this topic. You will want to develop an intelligence capacity regression along a scale like the one below. You will want to talk about these qualities with your sub so you can tailor these descriptions with the language that excites and entertains you both.

  • Dumb/stupid (Not smart or bright)

  • Airheaded/innocent (Might still be smart under some circumstances, but not bright)

  • Mindless/without ego/under a spell (She’s become a programmable tuber. Little or no thoughts. Can’t talk on their own agency and reacting primarily through stimulus-response.)

Not all behavior that appears to be intelligent actually depends on conscious cognitive processes. Your IQ can change over time. The older you are, the more stable an IQ test score will be for you. The brain shrinks with increasing age and there are changes at all levels from molecules to morphology. Yes. It’s possible to decrease your intelligence. There could be different factors that may have affected your intelligence. These factors could be both natural or external ones. Aging causes changes to the brain size, vasculature, and cognition. There are natural influences that cause intelligence to decline all the time.

  • Sleep deprivation ( Chronic or episodic insomnia and fatigue inhibit conscious and nonconscious processing )

  • Circadian rhythm shift (Getting used to working the nightshift or jetlag when traveling)

  • Drug use (And any reinforced behavior that leads to the overstimulation of the dopaminergic system )

  • Depression ( No one makes good decisions when they are feeling down in the dumps. )

  • Malnutrition (Come on how many people eat a balanced diet? When did you stop eating your Wheaties? )

  • Stress ( Positive and negative stressors can cause us to respond with increased impulsivity and think less critically. )

  • Mental burnout ( Brain fog from illness or chronic stress lights up the same neural pathways )

  • Illness and injury ( Biological processes related to recovering from an illness or getting sick can result in inhibition of frontal lobe processing similar to intoxication. )

  • Trauma ( Similar to biological processes of physical illness trauma can create inhibition of frontal lobe processing )

  • Use it or lose it ( Not enough brain stimulus from social isolation can inhibit frontal lobe processing. Your mind also needs stimulation to function the best. If you use it more, your intelligence increases. If you stop engaging your logical mind in tasks and situations that require brainpower than you will be responding more from nonconscious processes that utilize and develop subconscious resources. The mind will always seek to streamline the resources utilized most. )

  • Reinforcement strategies and associative stimulus won’t make a person smarter or less intelligent but they will allow the subconscious mind to continue a learned routine without much or any conscious involvement. Focal awareness encompasses the center of attention, whereas peripheral awareness consists of things outside the center of attention, which a person is only dimly aware of. Reinforcement signals can come into awareness but being aware of them doesn’t make an individual immune to their effect. For example, I bet you know your Facebook and email sounds that notify you on your phone. Most people admit they cannot ignore their devices and check them immediately or within an hour of receiving an email, text, or alert. You can watch people interrupt conversations, meals, all kinds of fun things, to do just that. I could almost understand the Pavlovian response we all have to buzzing and notifications if we were guaranteed to feel better after tuning our attention to our screens. Too many of us take our responsibilities with us, and as it turns out, we'll stop mid-sentence or mid-chew to read and respond to email and texts--only to feel worse. Stop and watch people the next time you are in public, and you will see joy sure, but you will also see a lot of people feeling jealous, depressed, and even annoyed after checking updates! If you doubt this can have an affect on you just think about this next question for a moment. Are you checking your phone before you get out of bed in the morning, or before, and even during when you pee? We spend more time with screens than people now. People aren’t addicted to their phones, they’re addicted to the feeling of being connected. Reinforcement strategies behind the bells, popups, and code is almost invisible to the majority of people, not really understanding that their data, attention, and interactions with content are the working product being sold to the sponsors.

Ultimately, all experiences, thoughts, feelings, memories, and traits are transient. Even our perception of relatively static things changes over time as well as between contexts. It’s possible to "lose" some expressions of intelligence, as measured by whoever's narrowly defined intelligence test and scale, can also entail the acquisition of other forms of intelligence. Intelligence is a diverse topic that most approaches of conditioning address in the singular but in uncomprehensive ways. As we seek to develop the character of the person we want to be an individual must be proactive agents of change in their own success, and must seek to identify and foster cultural values and attitudes that might positively influence their behavior to succeed. I want you to ask yourself, Why are bimbos one of the largest markets for changing the world? Who can you reach with them? The Bimbo has become well-known influencer for advice columns, Vlogs, etc., and has become a role model for women that could identify with them and turn to for advice. The development of new attitudes is best learned in an atmosphere of acceptance by exploring feelings, becoming involved in contextually relevant discussions, and observing appropriate role models. It should be no surprise that attitudes influence motivation. Let’s look at the attitudes that are generally accepted and expected as characterizing a bimbo.

Developing the Right Bimbo Attitudes

Do you imagine her inner bimbo to be the sultry product of her feistiness and excessive self-confidence, who is stylishly dressed because it offers a form of security that will giver her assurance without the need for perfect beauty, brains, talent, ability, or the obsessive need to get respect from others? A bimbo knows she can give people an attitude sometimes, and it can be cool to have an attitude, but inside she wants them to like her and care about her. Being assertive is different from having an attitude. A bimbo strives to appear nice, sweet, accommodating, tempting, and pleasant at all times at the expense of her sense of self: her self-esteem, her self-direction, and her self-confidence. Not wanting to risk displeasing those that matter, she is quick to respond with yes, but unafraid to say no when it matters. There is a lot to unpack in those opening sentences. Is that the attitudes and perspectives that you want your bimbo to have? A lot of girls think they have to choose between being the smart geeky bimbo or the beautiful empty headed bimbo. You don’t. There are a lot of different parts of bimbo attitudes that reflect the respect and beliefs about a particular goal that we value in our lives. To best describe and get at some of those functional attributes, I will break them up in the general categories you will encounter surrounding the identity and culture of a bimbo.

Being optimistic and happy

  • Being happy and optimistic: Being optimistic and holding on to that happy energy allows you to handle stressful situations better than most people. Being happy and optimistic reduces the harmful health effects of chronic stress on your body and mind.

  • Being Bubbly: When you think of a bubbly person, your likely to imagine someone with high spirits, someone who is lively, animated, and fun to be around, and someone who is effusive, energetic, and enthusiastic about life. A bubbly person is someone who appears confident, gives off a positive attitude, and exudes an attractive charisma. Being bubbly means you can talk to anyone and always have something to talk about. Bubbly people find ways to talk to the people around them and have fun doing it. Where ever you run into people those who are bubbly try to have a few exciting and interesting pieces of small talk ready to go.

  • Readily smiling: People readily smile often find other people smiling at them, even strangers they encounter on the street, at work, or where ever they are. Then they realize that their energy is relaxed, comfortable, and has emerged to become an outer smile that other people are instantly and effortlessly responding to. The benefits of smiling are returned to us when people smile back at us, and our mood is lifted, starting the cycle again. People who smile are perceived as kinder, happier, warmer, more sociable, and more honest than unsmiling people. Not only does smiling tend to engender more favorable impressions of a person, but it also increases the likelihood that others will lend assistance. MCs, find that practicing smiling when alone or in social situations can induce more positive feelings, and smiling, or frowning can intensify the corresponding associated emotions even when the person is not aware of it. There are some people who never smile, or very rarely do. Even when a whole room is laughing, they cannot smile. MCs find certain facial expressions can suggest the opposite of what the person is really feeling. For example, in some Asian cultures, people may smile to hide negative emotions. This is a personal tell or expressive trait that can be tested for and verified through multiple interactions.

  • Cute Aggression: Cute aggression is superficially aggressive behavior caused by seeing something cute, such as a baby human or a young animal. People experiencing cute aggression may grit their teeth, clench their fists, or feel the urge to pinch and squeeze something they consider cute, while not actually causing or intending to cause any harm. This behavior is captured perfectly in many animal videos and Disney cartoons. The behavior looks very similar to an angry fighting response at times, as it can also involve shaking and squeezing. Simply pop these words into a search engine and click on pictures to see many animated examples of this.

  • Bimbalogical (aka Deviation of Logic): In the tradition of stock characters that embody “goodness,” a bimbo can be the voice of reason among her female bimbi. And yet her reasoning is the springboard into different forms of logic. It makes no sense to argue that all choices are equally good so long as individual women choose them. And it’s equally illogical to put a feminist frame around that argument and suggest that a woman’s choices affect that woman and only that woman. This kind of logic has empowered women and many bimbi into a corner. Daddy’s don’t wanna see their baby in the corner. So we lead our girls back into temptation and fun. Cause your girl needs to make Daddy proud, thoughts turned low, bimbo body taking over, sharing the pleasure of pleasing, no thinking and no effort needed, and sometimes baby needs direction to make the best choice.

Sex Drive

  • Sexual desire: Female sexual desire is a complex interaction among biological, psychological, social, interpersonal, and environmental mechanisms combine to motivate action, think about and seek out sexual situations, and learn about how the body has a responsive thirst to be enjoyed. Sexual desire is not the primary reason most women seek sexual activity. Sexual desire follows arousal and engaging in sex can be just another stimulating activity that activates arousal and a multitude of emotions and longings. MC’s have found that most women, just like bimbos, may not have spontaneous sexual urges by themselves, but they become fully responsive and aroused after relaxing and engaging in behavior and thoughts that tun off negativity, and allowing them to focus on the sensations to become aroused. The fact that sex can be initiated without desire is normal and in no way should be considered a disorder of sexuality. Sexual desire differs among individuals. For some, it may revolve around the desire for intimacy or manifest as responsive desire (i.e., desire that is responsive to cues, behaviors, and other associated stimuli). Talking with your partner(s) will give you the knowledge to describe, intensify, and entice them with their preferences, as well as associate one behavior with something new or something familiar. There is no doubt that most women, and bimbos, freely choose to consume pornography and consider pornography a positive force of self-expression in their lives. Pornography from a woman’s perspective can also be found on Internet sites run by women for women and in the growing selection of lesbian pornography, which features women writers, producers, and directors. When bimbos view pornography, they imagine themselves in the scenes as they chase the arousal and love what it does to them.

  • Being shameless: Living in a world a bimbo has not made and does not understand, a bimbo needs rules to know what to do next. If she knows what she is supposed to do, she can find a way to do it. The bimbo’s world is established, maintained, and reinforced by her Operator and designer. How much someone cares about what others think depends—or should depend—on the nature of their relationship. Do you have a reason to care whether every person’s life succeeds or fails, or just whether yours does? Yeah, don’t fall for this social trap. Living shamelessly means living by your values, not the opinions of others. Living shamelessly means wearing outrageous outfits because you think they’re cool. It’s discussing nerdy topics because you enjoy them. It’s taking embarrassing or flirtatious actions to get what you want because you are feeling in the right bimbo headspace. Shame and guilt have been social tools people have used to press their morals on you so you act more like they believe you should. What do you get by accepting everyone’s shame, guilt, and obsessing over what they might think? You get to fit into how they see you and they get to approve and disapprove of how you live your life and change. Not everyone in every situation cares to know all about you or deserves to be informed about your intimate thoughts. That is precisely why so many people suffer a rebound after tidying up their thoughts and behavior after making a change. Not everyone deserves to know the real you. When you imagine your ideal lifestyle bimbo, you are actually clarifying why and what you want to tidy up and identifying the kind of life you want to live once you have achieved that transformation. The tidying up process thus represents a huge turning point in a bimbo’s life. The bimbo lifestyle is the difference between being sick and healthy. It is the beautiful ability to not think and just do that begins to define the energy and ecstasy of being a bimbo. However, this lifestyle is successful only when it is supported by a degree of self-awareness and self-care. What kind of a bimbofication manual would this be if I overlooked the opportunity to tell you that guilt is about what you’ve done and shame is about who you are? Guilt and shame tether us to old ways of seeing and being. Shame can’t last in these programming situations that a bimbo will encounter.

Corruption and ruination: A corruption kink is exactly what it sounds like. It is about getting pleasure from corrupting someone from their innocence or good character. For example, dating a Catholic college girl who might be embarrassed about sex and shy around the topic and the act in the beginning. The pleasure comes with making her love the sexual and sensual indulgences, thinking creatively about sex, and showing you just how much she wants it. This fetish isn't necessarily something dirty or abnormal or wrong. For many, it is about showing people how they can surrender and get lost in the pleasures that were created to experience. The ironic thing about a corruption fetish is that if its meant to show how nontraditional behavior that goes against the traditional limitations of society can be healthy, creative, and liberating. Traditional religious mindsets around sex are that it is a taboo subject and only meant for procreation. Lustful thoughts, desires, or physical stimulation instead of orgasming for pregnancy was frowned upon. After being married, these same values frowned upon there being no particular climax at all as if that was all sex and intimacy is meant for. Kink begins to question some of the lines we draw between sex and other activities such as play, leisure, spirituality, art, and relaxation. Kink allows us to think differently and enjoy what makes sense to us. Corruption is a bimbo's best friend. Bimbo themes may take on themes of ruination along with corruption. Ruination is intended to be embarrassing, humiliating, offer leverage to keep a secret, or reduce or eliminate personal agency as they are subjected to potential frustration, failure, or disaster. Rumination is the focused attention on the symptoms, reactions, and consequences of one's distress, as opposed to its solutions. Common examples of this in the bimbo cannon all touch on consensual nonconsent. Themes of ruination for bimbos often take the form of attraction to all guys you see regardless of age or looks, desiring sex all the time, being tricked, spelled, or mind controlled into doing and being other than they were, held captive, drugged, and blackmailed. For example, a jock may see an extremely hot girl who is petite, young, healthy, sexually responsive, and interested in him. His buddy would joke that she would be "ruined" by sex with him because he’s so awesome. That theme can be expressed in ways that overlap many other themes. For example, transformation, corruption, and ruination are often combined in interesting and unethical ways in bimbo stories, such as swallowing semen that is infused with nanobots designed to reshape body, mind, and impulsive cravings to swallow more semen. The universe is under no obligation to make sense to you, and so the universe makes sense as something that is simply responding to the story that we find ourselves in. After all, accidents can only happen if there is no such thing as fate or spiritual forces behind the universe. My story does not belong just to me. It has much in common with the unique tales that I hope all kinksters worldwide will stand up and tell at some point in their lives. Just keep in mind that the stories the world calls immoral are accounts that show the world its own shame.

  • Transformation: Transformation, is a type of fetish featuring a character developing, or "transforming" from their old self into a newly define mind, body, spirit, species, or inanimate object. Get a bimbo begins to think of herself as attractive, and she can be. Not only will physical changes take place, but her self­image will change and she will begin to take better care of herself and start to dress as an attractive person. Life’s situations offer us opportunities and stories that operators can utilize for prompts that inspire transformation. Why does the transformed person sometimes act as their normal familiar self and other times act as if he is the bimbo or the cat they have transformed into? Answering this question requires us to understand just what a transformed person is. Put simply, when a person is transformed, so does energy, identity, and their story. Transformation means the changing of one thing as a whole into another. What you see is never the complete picture of the story that has transformed the relationship of self and the reality you have before you. Transformation means shifting from one form or experience to another, or becoming something entirely new; it does not have to be rapid. The caterpillar becomes a butterfly and its favorite color is glitter. That brings me to the most important question on this topic. Why do you need this transformation? Notice that I didn’t say why do you want this transformation?

Purpose and poise

  • Purpose: Many operators are having problems in their lives today for two reasons centered on how they see themselves connected in this world. First, many operators don’t know their own purpose; and second, they don’t understand the Bimbo’s purpose. When operators do not know their own purpose or the Bimbo’s purpose, this has a negative effect on the person, causing everyone frustration, confusion, stress, and heartache. The purpose of a Bimbo is not so much to represent a pedestal of feminity for all women as it is to open new ways of thinking about service, harmony, and alternative relationships. The purpose of a Bimbo is defined by the original intent and motivation for engaging an individual to fit within a specific role. A Bimbo’s purpose will further be defined by the reason(s) and the desired outcome for the action(s) or the production of such a role. Simply put, a Bimbo’s purpose is designed by the ‘why’ of the experience and the role as mentioned above. You can answer that a Bimbo’s sole purpose is defined by her motivation to provide pleasure. You will then get to explain your process of how you have endowed your Bimbo with the resources, perspectives, and experiences that allow her to be capable of achieving and prioritizing their goals. When you have a sense of purpose, you know why whatever you are doing matters to you personally, and why it matters to the world. Purpose is the deeper reason we pursue our every day goals and the operator must plan out how the Bimbo’s actions can be recognized as meaningful components that are valued and provide engagement in the world beyond the self. Is one purpose of directive enough? Purpose itself has no meaning, however, except in the environmental context of which it operates.

  • Poise: Poise is often overlooked when an operator is thinking of putting together an authentic look and identity expression for their Bimbo. And why is developing poise so important? Because when the Bimbo is not obsessively focusing on themselves or their shortcomings, their smiles become warmer, their laughter more spontaneous, and their thoughtfulness blossoms through a renewed expression of themself. The concept of poise is defined as the capacity to act with style and diligence in one’s service regardless of thoughts, emotions, or challenge. Poise is the deliberate shunting aside of all fears arising from new and uncontrollable circumstances. It is self-assured dignity, well mannered but not arrogant, and it’s all about balance, posture, and pace. Expressing these traits under pressure overlap with the conditioning exercises of state proofing. State proofing is the sustained conditioning necessary to have a subject maintain the desired state while performing a variety of tasks. This process begins by having the subject do increasingly complex things in hypnosis or trance state. State proofing is building in interruptions and distractions for tasks that the subject must accomplish while maintaining the same level of hypnotic trance or to automatically move deeper in that state while achieving the goals. It’s about conditioning the subject and the subconscious to work together during high functioning tasks and the many possible distractions.

End of snippet...

This is far from exhaustive. Did I miss any traits and respective descriptions of the Bimbo that you would have included?

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